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  1. When he made this comment he was talking about his mom and the African American women that protested with other African Americans for freedom from slavery and I’m a African American male and I find this very disrespectful

  2. Let’s not get bothered
    She will never fully understand his struggles but she might have compassion for him.
    He will invest in the white society which don’t invest in him.
    He already hates himself and one of those brings shame to me.

    Have you ever noticed how black athletes are praise by whites when they have a white wive and splash a lot of money? “Athlete buys car for his gorgeous wife” “athlete does this amazing thing for his wonderful wife” praise praise praise

    When the athlete invests in his own community “athlete who just earns 25,000€ a week buys his mother a 2 million $$ home without playing a prof match” “athlete buys unnecessary amount of luxury houses with his millions” “athlete blings mother’s house with expensive things but buys 80€ ticket from easyjet”

    What they really saying is “invest your money in us” “look at our daughter, we wont judge you if you date her but we will hate you if you date your kind”

    It takes understand to comprehend somethings

  3. It’s all good, these type of fools bloodlines will be washed out within 2-3 generations! Mek dem stay there! There sons will never see value in a black woman either so there grandsons will not resemble them at all. And if that’s their goal then more power to them

  4. I. Not. Against. Interracial. People. I. Got. Mixed. In. My. Families. But. Stop. Putting. Us. Black. Women. Down. Your. Mother. Is. Black. And. Your. Sisters. And. Aunt. Is. Also. Black

  5. One thing for sure. The only reason why a white woman and her family accept him ,because of his career and money. After these women have a few kids and get a divorce and take half of his money. You don’t see them with another black man. How many white athletes do you see marry a black woman

  6. First of all…who made black men the judge and jury. They ‘quit’ after they got ‘fired’. Decent, educated and hardworking black females are everywhere. Decades ago, when we pushed our men to come up with us we became ‘hard to love’. No black man (who dislikes black women) will admit that they just couldn’t cut it. Black women are judges, politicians, doctors while black men saturate jails and blue collar fields. Those black women who are struggling usually have a black man pulling them down. Coercive control is a characteristic of black men overall. In this narcissistic world, it’s like a competition. Even this video was done for black women…for who else was it made?

  7. They can have one another. I could care less. Date who you want to date, but don’t make excuses as to why you don’t want to date a certain group of people. Do you. Smh.

  8. White women let men do whatever the fuck they want that’s why they get married so fucking fast! They could do whatever they want because white women don’t stand up for themselves like black women! And all women argue, not just blacks! Black women are extremely educated! He just wants someone he can run over and he ain’t getting it with a sista! That’s why you go white

  9. This shit kills me because the black women in the neighbor hood was just fine for them. Then they make it to the big time and now you dare say this about the black queens? How dare they? That shit is wrong and soon as they get into one good argument and she calls the cops on his black ass knowing he’s going straight to jail. What they didn’t watch the O.J. trial? For one their not even interested in you unless you have a little bit of money. Otherwise they wouldn’t even look out the corner their eye at you. For them to say that the black women only want a child support check and want the nice ride and their nails done is just wrong. If you have children with her shouldn’t you want want the best for your children and their mother anyway? Or are they the ohh that’s not my baby but, your taking care of the white girl anyway. That’s all good and gravy untill you look , fart, piss or just say the wrong shit and your self centered ass is going to jail for that white women who just wanted your money.

  10. Your choice, your life, your decision… it don’t bother this 68 year old black woman who LOVES me some black men ! That can’t hurt me if a brother choose a snow bunny … lol 🤣

  11. I could careless what anyone else does in their personal love lives it does not stop me from living my life the way i choose. I do me they do them.

  12. I know why black athlete football stars date white women: because they all have brain injuries from playing football. It is not fair to think black women are a pain so are we white woman. Also do a DNA test and see just how black you really are. I think most black men have a mixture of european too. It is not fair to categorize women period.

  13. And STOP fucking pretending like what he said didn’t offend yall
    Or you wouldn’t have said shit
    I just see alot of hypocrites in this comment section
    You don’t like him for generalizing yet most of yall are doing the same shut tbh😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. I personally believe it is the the effeminization of black men. Any day you say you cannot deal with your own women… Who are also at the height of their careers, prosperity, base building, educated… you lose.

    There is a severe problem. It’s amazing how they will be willing to build up a white girl out of nothing and deal with her who hate black people but they’re not willing to father and foster a relationship with a black woman who may be everything that he needs but just requires a little direction.

    In some cases, some men just want biracial children. I also see black men who desire to assimilate and to these societies where they believe black women cannot take them. It doesn’t really benefit them, especially because they have to make derogatory statements about black women in order to move up or to get these women… But for some reason they feel like it benefits them.

    It’s a sad commentary nonetheless.

  15. My parents would disown me, if I talk negative on anyone. Many have been hung to this day by the good old boys.

    Lust is not love. Do not be a cum dumpster. Marry. wait 2 years for a baby , and be 35 for women and 45 for men Enjoy your young life, for being parents is 24/7 and never ends.

  16. If he prefers white women. Do what you like in the meantime why put all Black women down?.Self hate is the worst,………..

  17. Ok, uncoachable. I’m Interpretating this as “I dont want and individual, I prefer a kiss ass yes man.”

  18. Black women need to do a lot of housekeeping. They always say they are the backbone of the community and they are on the frontline, they are strong with some fake masculinity…..Men are looking for women with femininity. That’s why even other races dont want anything to do with black women.


  20. That’s not no dam self hate its 85% true. They might can’t cook but they keep you satisfied and not emotionally unstable like most black women will. Black women for the most part want to be catered to but not cater to their man. Cheating all the damn time. If you not a peace you can’t grow. Black women love to use pussy as weapon. White women wake up out their sleep and put you to sleep. Facts! Where Becky at lol

  21. It sound like he was talking about his mother, or someone he knows. because the way he said it it’s like he’s seen it and he don’t want to date women in their stature. because the list that he said, so the list that he portray was the list of the women that he know or grew up around.

  22. Thank u for some pointing out that its not just black people that have problems there people of other races that need to step up.and see that people have problems as a human being

  23. Whatever, dude has issue with his color, so sad for him. She’s just bidding her time till she can get most of whatever money he has😂

  24. I laugh because black men who say that are too IGNORANT to realize that they are saying white men are better than black men..How so?..White women come from whitemen. If the white woman is better than others then it stands to reason that their men are too.. There’s no other way around it.. Black women come from black men. Get it🙄..The Bible says it best “a rotten tree cannot produce good fruit.” If black women are inferior it’s because of the low grade tree they come from, it also means something else..All the things that whitemen have believed in throughout the years (they are the master race) would have to be true too😮 . Only this time it’s coming out of ignorant black men’s mouth’s and they’re too dumb to see it.😥

  25. Trust we do not care!!
    I haven’t ever seen another race of men who puts their women down 🤷🏽‍♀️

    😂 😂 😂
    “ not all black men”

  26. Real talk whatever type of race you are you can get what you want if your successful if you have money that’s why they can Fuck or date barbie dolls coz they have that OK 80% of woman population wants successful men the rest is all about looks and physicality only 20% of woman prefers true love than men’s life status,looks and physicality

  27. Wow…I bet if you were broke they wouldn’t give your ugly ass a second glance. Think about that. Say this shit in a few more years when you’re injured or cut…I bet you’ll have a different song to sing. It’ll be on to the next rich black man for her and you’ll be begging us “uncoachable” women to overlook your ignorance. It’s always the blackest nigga on the planet who spews this self hate.

  28. Preach….we don’t care 😑😞. I’m with a black man we have 6 kids, and both raised by our mother and father. I feel to each is own. But don’t be eyeballing me in the grocery store like I care you with a white women.

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