Cam Newton takes high road with trash-talking kid, but Twitter reactions don’t

It’s not unheard of for NFL players to deal with trash talk, but it is out of the ordinary when its source comes from someone who not only isn’t in the league, but also isn’t even old enough to play in it.

But a video that surfaced Sunday shows 10-year NFL veteran Cam Newton showing considerable patience — and restraint — with what appears to be a mouthy football camper. It’s uncertain when or where the video was recorded, but it likely occurred in the last year, considering the child repeatedly used the refrain, “You’re a free agent.”

The video, which originates from TikTok, shows the unnamed kid continue to trash-talk Newton, calling him “a—,” saying he is “poor” and repeating he is — or is about to become — a free agent. Newton attempts to shut the kid down by repeatedly saying, “I’m rich” (which he is, having made $122 million over 10 seasons in the NFL) before asking to see the player’s father. It’s uncertain how the confrontation ended.

Newton, you’ll remember, has won the junior college national championship at Blinn College; the BCS national championship at Auburn; the Heisman Trophy; became the No. 1 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft; won NFL MVP in 2015; and took the Panthers to Super Bowl 50. While his one year in New England certainly was subpar, it doesn’t reflect what has been an overall incredible amateur and professional career.

A Twitter account titled “Carolina Blitz” later released a statement from Newton; he defended his actions, saying that he tried to end the pointless back-and-forth with the “child” and talk to their father. The account also showed the aftermath of the initial incident, with Newton trying to turn it into a teaching moment. The kid, unfortunately, remained obstinate.


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  2. The mind-blowing facts of what and why that kid did what he did will never be understood by him if you tried to explain it with pop up picture books. That kid is also incapable of understanding what is actually going through the mind of his “white friends” when he is doing the crap he is doing. He will never understand that he is representing all people of color in their eyes and the fact that he portrays that ignorant belief of others is another example as to why people of color are marginalized.

  3. This is a man games 💯
    Get them child like antics the hell outta here I wish sooo..
    bad…. this kid would said this to Marshall Lynch AKA : Beast Mode would have handle that situation way better than cam newton did in my opinion

  4. It’s not social media. Cam sucks and is getting called out, cause he’s a douche. They millions don’t mean shit when no one wants to be associated with u

  5. Watch I am athlete episode with cam Newton he’s in a bad place psychologically because he knows he’s going to be a free agent and he can’t go out like that so for the kid to say “you’re ass” “you’re a free agent” “you finna be poor” is the equivalent of kicking someone when their down

  6. This is a prime example when kids have absolutely No home training. Kids don’t know how to be humble or thankful. Doing this to be funny or get a joke. DONT YOU KNOW COACHES ARE WATCHING !! STUPID!!!

  7. Diontae Spencer: “The next generation has been ruined by social media”.
    Yes: blame the gun, not the shooter. Blame the knife, not the knife-holder.

  8. This the Dumbest kid I have ever saw that been where you would like to go humble yourself kid

  9. I mean he’s in high school talking all this trash talk but cam Newton might not have the best NFL career but he still has some pretty good accolades and he has money so if he was leave the league today he wouldn’t be Hurting

  10. He should have gotten his ass beat down on social media
    And that’s would have set the record straight.

  11. He’s Cam Newton. That kid screwed himself long term. Shut up and be thankful that you are there. Show respect to those that have paved a way for you, kid.

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