NFL rumors include the latest on the futures of Jadeveon Clowney, Cam Newton and Logan Ryan. NFL news also discuss the arrests of Ed Oliver, Cody Latimer, DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar and Anthony Harris signing his franchise tag with the Vikings.

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NFL Free Agency hasn’t been kind to Cam Newton, Logan Ryan or Jadeveon Clowney. All three are among the top NFL Free agents left, but why hasn’t anyone signed them?

Jadeveon Clowney’s free agent market has been poor. There was a report that the Eagles were interested in signing Clowney, but another new one (and more credible) says they aren’t. What is going on with Clowney

Cam Newton hasn’t had much interest, but the Jacksonville Jaguars were viewed as the betting favorite. But the Jags say they are set at QB. So where will Cam Newton sign?

Logan Ryan was reportedly expected to sign with the New York Jets, but the latest reports say that was premature. The Miami Dolphins were also linked to Ryan, but is he asking for too much?

NFL News focuses on a rash of NFL player arrests. Ed Oliver, DeAndre Baker, Quinton Dunbar and Cody Latimer were all arrested within the past week. NFL Daily host Tom Downey has the latest and what it means for those players and franchises.

Anthony Harris has signed his franchise tag tender. So does that mean the Vikings safety won’t be traded after all?

Here are the latest NFL Rumors and news:
– Eagles passing on Jadeveon Clowney?
– Logan Ryan Latest?
– No Cam Newton To Jaguars?
– Anthony Harris & Vikings?
– Ed Oliver Arrest Latest
– DeAndre Baker & Quinton Dunbar arrest
– Cody Latimer Arrest

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  1. You talking shit now bro SMH Cam, when healthy, MIGHT be as good a starter as Minshew? Come on now lol Don’t disrespect homie like that

  2. I would sign Ryan he would make a good Byron Jones replacement, although it would be nice to see Jaylon Smith and Clowney rushing from the same side

  3. Clowney is a baller, but gets hurt each season. He is not going to be there every week due to the nature of his play and how his body fails him. He is not durable. Tough, good run stopper, and a better than average pass rusher, but availability does matter.
    Vikings do not get a deal done with their franchised safety.
    Oliver is going to be suspended.
    Baker is going to be suspended indefinitely.

  4. Miami has the top set of corners in the league and it’s not close. Makes no sense for Miami to spend on a corner when they already have a monopoly on CBs. Miami needs depth at OT. Maybe if a free safety was available as well. That’s all they need at this point after a great offseason.

    300 YARDS AND 2 TOUCHDOWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. N = Neither. Clowney has been an underachiever so far, considering that he was the number one overall pick in his draft class. There was nothing in last year’s play to indicate that anything is going to change in 2020. Ryan’s bloated stats with his int’s and tackles last year was more of an aberration than anything else. According to Pro Football Focus, Ryan allowed more yards than any other slot corner in the NFL, he was also targeted the most of any cornerback in the NFL, and allowed the most receptions of any cornerback in the NFL. His body of work over his nfl career would tag him only as mediocre, if that.

  7. If Lattimore is in his own house(not apartment) without shooting at innocent people I see nothing wrong he can play target with the tv for all I care.

  8. Again, the Texans should consider Newton as a backup for Watson.. I am a firm believer in that the backup at QB should be a very solid player who does not take your team from a solid playoff team to vying for the first over all pick, which happened to the Texans when they then took Clowney..

  9. “C” for Clowney.. and if he is available at 10 million for one year.. the Texans should grab him.. and they will find out over the coarse of the year how any injury he had is doing.. and can make choice if they wish to pursue him beyond the one year.. He was their first over all pick a few years ago..

  10. I DON’T get the Clownboy hype… He’s never had double digits sacks in his Career… teams keep betting on his potential…it’s a joke…

  11. Cam Newton Was A fomor Panther At Carolina. Do you think going to sign To Pittsburgh Steelers for the 2020 season?

  12. DWI…. I’d get a year he wont get shit
    Armed Robbery…. I’d get 15 years they will get probation its fucking bullshit they need to go to jail for 5-10 years

  13. Lmao the year Ed Oliver came out I wanted the cowboys to draft him but I think we didn’t have a 1st round pick 😂😂 but that would be funny AF another one of our players gets arrested

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