1. The Blues were really not the second best team in the league. They were the team that made it through to the Finals in a division with the 6 expansion team all together. I think it was done that way as a compromise with original six teams not all in agreement on expansion. I remembered hall of fame goalie Glenn Hall playing really well but from the highlights the Montreal goalies were also playing well. Blues coach Scotty Bowman brought in veterans such as Dickie Moore and Doug Harvey to help the new team. This turned out to be the closest the Blues got to winning the Cup until they finally did in 2019. This was sure an exciting time in St. Louis. I was a freshman in high school this year and had grown up going to St. Louis Braves games as they were the AAA team of the Chicago Black Hawks.

  2. Glenn Hall was unbelievable in this series! All four of the games could have been victories by the Blues. Montreal sure knew how to win in the Finals.
    RIP Alex Trebek.

  3. 23:53…Since 68…Flyers Kings Blues won the cups and of course Montreal won in 69 70s 80s and 90s blackhawks also boston won the cups as well and the rangers.

  4. I have a question… Why did the Blues get home ice in the 1968 finals? Montreal finished 1st in the East while St-louis finished 3rd in the West.

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