Despite a two goal game from Patrik Laine, the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Columbus Blue Jackets 4-3 in overtime.


  1. If Patrick Laine one can go end to end and score edging out a defender in the process he can probably do it again.

  2. Overtime with Columbus is becoming a team tradition.
    Chicago is victorious again.
    But 6:10 to 6:15 am was scary!

  3. great win for Chicago, able to deal with adversity hang in there and win in OT. As usual Workhorse lankinen between the pipes saved the day.

  4. Finally Laine shooting the puck, playing a bit more selfishly, and OH, LOOK AT THAT, 2 GOALS BY A PLAYER WHO IS A NATURAL GOAL SCORER INSTEAD OF A 2-WAY POWER FORWARD

  5. Fans of both teams know that they have to get past the Lightning. I obviously don't mean this year but ain't going to happen any time soon either. You may as well give up your season tickets and just resign yourselves to years of ineptitude.

  6. The chip, Kieth loses it, and Lankinen gets beat…PADDLE SAVE!!! @ 3:47 Definitely a Hatpick play!! That second goal by Laine @ 6:10 was a beauty also.

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