Connor Hellebuyck made 36 saves and Neal Pionk notched 3 assists as the Winnipeg Jets defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs 4-3.


  1. gotta love all the make me laff fans so salty trying to defend thier team talking about their boyfriends apartments 🙂

  2. I'd be screaming at Matthews right now if he didn't have two goals.. setting down there Bruce Lee, no more karate kicks! Sloppy D compared to what we saw in Edmonton.. and hats off to Hellebuck – sometimes a good goalie can steal a game for ya.. that happened last night.

  3. The Leafs were not good all night. I’m getting tired of them saying we faced a hit goalie. Well get in first and start screening him. As usual the leafs play perimeter hockey.

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  5. Leafs controlled most of the offense, about 70 percent, face-offs, shots, and fewer give-aways… They could have easily won, that monster of a goalie Hellebuyck got Winni a win. I wish we had a goalie like Winnipeg…

  6. Hot goalie absolutely stole it for the Jets. If you say otherwise you’re foolish. With average goaltending this is like an 8-4 win for the leafs

  7. When people think their team is the best and they got the best players, it's just not like that, then NHL got this figured out. keep the teams all on an even keel with wins and loses and it's money in the bank for the league. With the referring out of control 90% of the time the regular season means nothing. Wait for playoffs and every team that makes it got a chance to win the cup. Remember the league is in control not the players. It's all about the money, money, money.

  8. lol…the Laffs lose the game but all Sportsnet wants to talk about is Matthews' two goals. Sportsnet…the most pathetic, vindictive and immature "sports network" in hockey history, doing a disservice to Canadian sports since their inception….sorta like LaffsNation.

    And besides….Matthews got THREE goals, not two. Laine scores an own-goal and Sportsnet and LaffsNation can't contain themselves but if Matthews scores an own-goal it's never mentioned anywhere on Sportsnet. At least TSN (Toronto Sports Network) weren't the same pathetic homers as Sportsnet and actually acknowledged Matthews scored an own-goal. However they DID spend time talking about Matthews' new skates. I can't wait to hear what they think of Matthews' next moustache.

    lol Sportsnet…you are terrible at what you do. Bravo.

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  10. Freddy was not the issue tonight. Fans that blame him need to play attention to how the goals were scores. First one was tipped, very tough to save when puck changes direction last second. Second, Matthew's redirects it in with his skate. Third, bad line change, man left alone in front. Fourth, bad giveaway by reilly and then he gets burned.

  11. Leafs are having nightmares of Demko and Hellebuyck. The last three beaten by amazing goalie performances and bad turnovers.

  12. My obnoxious leaf fan friends on fb are criminally quiet tonight. If you have a leaf fan friend check on them especially tn. Its cold out there.

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