Alexander Kerfoot scored the winner in the third period as the Toronto Maple Leafs edged the Ottawa Senators 2-1.


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  2. Tavares and Nylander are not good 5 on 5. They make big money and just get easy chances on the pp. Matthews is the true Captain. I would give him the C, he is playing with heart and dedication in the lsst 2 weeks.

  3. for whatever reason the leafs just can't dominate the sens. if these two met in the playoffs it will go to game 7

  4. I think the stink of the senator’s rubs off on every team they play!! They are so garbage

  5. Even though the leafs won I wasn’t impressed. They didn’t come out for revenge on blowing that 5-1. All they did all night was skate around like a bunch of ballet players and never hit anyone. To look like crap against the the NHLs worse team should be a concern, The leafs look so disorganized most of the time.

  6. Matthews getting grittier each game, you can see him stepping up and maturing , great to see, GLG!

  7. Just not enough elite forward talent for Ottawa yet…Good young middle 6 and Defense… Toronto may have some warts,but they only need a couple of shots to knock out any yeam

  8. Второй игре чудо не произошло. Хотя Оттава молодцы, играли до конца.

  9. Congratulations Toronto Maple Leafs On Your 2-1 Victory Over The Ottawa Senators, You Guys Got This On Thursday Night, Go Leafs Go.

  10. Ottawa really has not been playing like the 31st team in the league these last 4 games, good hustle

  11. Matthews for hart, maybe (probably not): 2nd in even-strength points, 1st in goals, 14 game point streak. The Leafs would be screwed without Matthews.

  12. The Leafs have always had Ottawa's number in the playoffs. If they meet in the playoffs again this year I don't think that will be the case

  13. Some teams just give everything when playing Toronto…after this mini series I have a feeling Ottawa will be gassed for the next month or so. All jokes aside really impressed with Ottawa’s overall game tonight

  14. That Joe Thornton kid had a few good chances tonight. Unfortunately he was thwarted by the best player on the sens, the refs.

  15. Every bettor on earth had the leafs win by 1.5 goals and they don't get the empty netter lol its such a joke. Vegas literally rigs games left and right

  16. Hey Leafs Nation! It's seems that we have our new @ Rick Martin in the comments meet  @Jeffrey Sullivan Don't listen to this guy man is a troll feel free to ignore him completely or blast him in the comments

  17. Justin holl doesn't look like an absolute pylon this year.. maybe he's finally developing after all the times he's had lol we shall she if it continues

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