Extended highlights of the Boston Bruins at the Toronto Maple Leafs


  1. bruins are tired bruins are tired bruins are tired,thats all i hear from the commentators after the ot goal. tired bruins tired bruins.

  2. Someone has to tell Andersen he will stop more shot's if he stay's upright. That's about the fourth goal this year he falls forward without really needing to. I'm not saying he would've stopped that but he would've had a better chance.

  3. Whenever I watch highlights of a Maple leafs game I can always tell who won just from the like/dislike bar because leafs fans come in and spam-downvote the video if they lose.

  4. I don't understand why you stopped offering the short highlight videos. This is actual garbage, not only are your highlight videos too long for any kind of hockey pool functionality or sport enjoyment, you completely removed the end of game box stats/points. What good is this Youtube channel any more? What am I gonna do, come in on a Monday and follow up on 3 nights of hockey with 10 minute highlight videos without any stats? That's 22 hockey games last weekend as an example, Let's just sit here and review nearly FOUR HOURS of highlights…. Sounds like fun right? I actually disliked Sportsnet immensely and only used NHL for highlights, now it's not even a competition with NHL's lazy Youtube team… Unsubscribed.

  5. This was an excellent game; both teams worked hard.
    Nice comeback by the Bruins.
    Great finish by the Leafs.

  6. Consistently the best games to watch!
    Love both these teams and the talent they have! Love to see it!

  7. I swear Boston gets away with far more than any other team. The team playing also does, if they take advantage of it…you watch the Wings v. Wild game and so many more calls on the same plays.

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