NHL Trade Rumours – Ekholm to Habs? Rakell to Leafs or Oilers? Canucks + Eichel Injury
Montreal Canadiens trade rumours, Toronto Maple Leafs trade rumours, Nashville Predators Trade Rumours, Anaheim Ducks trade rumours, Vancouver Canucks trade rumours, Edmonton Oilers trade rumours.
Jack Eichel Injury Update
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  1. if mete and a 1st gets us ekholm, then by all means do it. toss byron in for salary. what i really want in montreal is a guy who wins faceoffs. someone like glendening in detroit or eakin in buffalo shouldn’t cost much to acquire. or we could aim a bit higher and send danault and mete to columbus for jenner.

    honestly, though, i see a better fit in winnipeg. i’d offer niku, vesalainen, and their 1st. perreault for salary, retain enough to make the money equal. i bet the preds go for it.

    rakell could be a decent get, but i don’t know what the ducks would want in return.

  2. Id give up a 1st for Ekholm from the Habs perspective and this draft, itd be worth it imo and thats whether Chiarot is injured or not

  3. I could see Ekholm in Montreal. But I’m not really sure what we’d give up 😐 He’s not doing too bad with 9 points in 19 games…I guess we’d have to give up something somewhat decent. Idk, Mete a second and a fourth?

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