Nickelback’s music video for “I’d Come For You” from their album Dark Horse.
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  1. This song hits hard. I promised my brother I’d always be there… I failed as a brother that year…fly high bro
    RIP Brett

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  3. I’m from Thailand . I love you Nickelback.

  4. The video shows the love of a father and that he would do anything for his child , he’d come for you, fight for you and give his life for you but only if you ask him to,
    I was blind folded but now I’m seeing and I’m believing, now I finally understands what it means to let someone in and he’s going to bring me home,

    This is not the only song he preaches about Jesus he has many more you just have to look a little deeper, until your veil is removed you won’t see it but once you do you can’t miss it and you will see it on almost all of his songs,

    I’m not surprised so many people hate him

  5. Nickelback has always been one of my favorites. Love how most of their songs have great messages!

  6. “The music lyrics…You know I’d always “come” for you…” gives the song a whole new meaning all together.😜😅 But on a serious note. Another awesome song by Nickelback. Chad Kreuger really write amazing songs.

  7. i really wish that i had a dad who would do that for me, kids now a days don’t appreciate their parents and hate them because the say their so strict! almost every single one of my friends treat their parents like shit when their parents actually care, love and want the best for their children . it just infuriates me that they got parents who care and that’s how they treat them!

  8. Reminds me of my dad, but he was deployed alot until I graduated high-school, even still, he was always there when things went bad, luckily still is.

  9. And may the Lord bless and keep you Julie Lynch , Nickelback and me and my beloved Wyatt forever and always in March 2019 and beyond on earth in Hilltop Minnesota and on forth to rural Minnesota may we all be blessed to be alive and have Nickelback’s songs to light our way and do the Lord’s bidding !!!

  10. March 19 , 2021!!! My beloved Wyatt and I were united and reunited with Nickelback’s ballads as the theme songs to our ongoing and undying love from September 2005 – Valentine’s Day the 2006 we listened and loved Nickelback’s! And finally Reunited on January 27 , 2019 and everyday since we have remained faithful to our love for each other and Nickelback’s!!! This will be played at our wedding and if we are ever to get passed the hardships of Covid-19 and get to a better place – may the Lord bless us a keep us !!! May the Lord bless Nickelback and bless you – Julie Lynch in 2019 We are with you Julie Lynch ♥️👃♥️👃

  11. Não sei como tem gente não gosta desse maravilhoso grupo… As músicas são muito foda..

  12. I’ve been a fan of Nickelback since Chad’s Ramen noodle hair days 😁 (He was still cool with that hair though…especially with that voice! 😍)

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