Meets coming up by BBS Dear Chinese Nationals. Unless Shang Chunsong wins a medal, I DON’T CARE:) Alexis Vazquez retires because she doesn’t like following rules.(Roster for “Captain” searching:) And someone DARES to skate to Lyra Angelica? As much as I love Miyahara I’m not sure how I feel about this. The cut is pretty different and she’s beautiful to watch but.. (No words needed)

Chinese Nationals:

Prelims- Shang Chunsong [Bars] 12.666 (4.8) [Beam] 12.766 (5.5) [Floor] 13.566 [VT] at 1.12.18 Other Videos All Around qualifiers (Shang at 22:) She also qualified for the floor finals. Team qualifiers. Top 12 teams qualify for Chinese Nationals. Shang Chunsong’s team sneaks it at number 8. Full subdivision 5. Full sub division 1 (Shang)

Sister Act was a movie from the 80’s . Starring whack job Whoopie Goldberg and a pre- Hocus Pocus, Kathy Najimy.. Then came Sister Act 2. It introduced the world to Lauryn Hill before she became a music star (Though some of us already knew her thanks to, As the world turns and please forgive this Duncan and SHANNON fan from making you suffer through his wedding to Jessica) and APPARENTLY, the fanatics of the sport of gymnastics want to make a third film and title it, Sister Act 3 : The Olympics. These same fans have taken it upon themselves to harass, Alice Kinsella to a point where she had to make her social media private. Well done gymternet. You’ve won. You must be so proud. NOT.

ALICE KINSELLA HAS NO CONTROL OVER WHO MAKES THE OLYMPIC TEAM. Great you want a double dose of sistery with the Gadirova and Downie sisters, good for you. That doesn’t give you the right to take it out of a girl trying to fulfill her childhood dream.

I read somewhere Alice’s coach has some connections to the people making the decisions. If you have an issue with that go tweet the federation or hell, even the coach, you don’t get to take it out on some girl with no control over the decision making. Don’t worry, trials won’t be private anymore. You got your way.

On a 4 person team if you can’t compete the AA you have no place on this year’s Olympic team. Not that Great Britain has a (click link) of winning a team medal anyway. The Downie sisters are not Simone Biles. Becky finally won her first bars medal in 2019 after choking away chance after chance after chance after…. (Qualifying in 5th and winning a medal after others ahead of her choked and she finally didn’t ) and Ellie slipped in for a Vault medal that same year but in case you didn’t know, 2019 was 2 years ago. Jessica Gardirova did really well at Europeans. She won a bronze medal in the AA (55.100) and a Floor gold medal with a 13.966 but she won those after Larisa Iordache had to pull out with medical issues. You know where a 55.100 places Jessica at the last World championships? 9th place. Europeans is no longer a measurement of where you stand in the real world of sport. Melnikova fell twice and still beat her. In comparison, Skye Blakely would have trumped her score at Euro’s. And gymnasts have upgraded since 2019…….

And I don’t want to hear about equipment issues. The Downie sisters aren’t new to the sport. They know how to adjust.

The medal count posted this yesterday. Flaming those fires. First their sour than their…..

Why did I blog about this again? God I don’t even know but the good news is Rocio and i can discuss it in the comments section. It’s our blog now. We do have guest stars sometimes. 🙂