Russian Legion was supposed to blow away New York Xtreme (NYX) but instead, it turned into one of the best games of the year! Match starts 19 minutes in.

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Thumbnail photo by Dane Hawkins

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  1. I hope you guys enjoy the interview with John Amodea and appreciate what he is trying to do for the history of paintball!

    However, the match starts 19 minutes in for people who want to skip ahead.

  2. They should add more obstacles so you dont get hit so fast and add some second floor action like 2 story buildings would be awesome, these dudes just sit in the back and shoot everyone dont even have to move, kind of boring repetitiveness.

  3. If you put it in slow motion at 22:10 you can see a paintball get accidentally shot at the camera

  4. Somebody follow the NYX guys around with empty pods to catch the balls they keep dropping lol

  5. this sport is so underrated it’s mad, and NYX is such a underrated team, if people just gave paintball a chance, they’d love it, period!

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