1. 5 years later it’s funny to see how both teams have changed. Mathews vs Laine no longer a debate, Mathews a rising superstar.

  2. this game should be dub'd – "the battle of the rookies", the second pick clearly won this bout.

  3. I remember being at this game like it was yesterday. It was my first game seeing Laine in person after following him playing in Liga and world juniors. A noght to remember

  4. Ice hockey looks like such a great sport, but WHY is the atmosphere so dead in the stadium.
    They need to try create an atmosphere like football (soccer) stadiums.

  5. It's Scotiabank Wednesday Night Hockey as the Leafs visit Winnipeg. Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson have the call of the action. Three retired Jets players were recognized there.

  6. My god I forgot officiating was this bad. Winnipeg deserved this one big time. Glad they got rewarded

  7. Wow, makes me wanna visit Winnipeg to see some good hockey. What's the best hotel? What kind of temperatures should I be prepared to in December and January? I'm from Finland, so I know what -40 Celsius without wind feels like. But if it's windy… ? I suppose I'll just pack my shorts and a couple of T-shirts. No cap or anything to spoil my hair.

  8. As a Leafs fan this hurt, but as a hockey fan i love it. I hope Laine becomes an absolute beast and we get some all Canadian playoff rivalries.

  9. Serg 72, Thank U very much for posting this. I know U're gonna get crap from this and that. Just ignore that. I knew the outcome, but still watched the whole game. The fact is that everyone can see the scores from NHL's official page. The whole game…I wanted to see how it actually turned around. Keep on doing what U are doing! Be Well

  10. Maybe there is still hope, if Hells opinion is that someone swears too much …
    Maybe you should listen, Joe G? 😉

    Great game for Patrik and of course Jets!
    Thnx for the upload! <3

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