Olympic poll central: Top 8 plus others

[Where are they now? ] [ Skinner article ] [A mount Rushmore for US gymnasts without Shannon Miller?] [Gymnastics culture article] [The making of Mykayla Skinner’s floor routine]

Poll Rules : Though some Countries have 4-6 gymnasts listed please only pick two per your top 8 since the 2 per country rules exist. Thank-You 🙂 ( I created my own list. Then asked you guys. Then watched all the videos and read the blogs and came up with a dozen or so lists with all kinds of different answers so I added some names you might not think have a chance. 8 VOTES PER Tier 1. PLEASE, Let me know if you like Poll-maker or want me to try a different polling place. (I already don’t like it and am deciding if I should try a new place.

Tier 1

Top 8 Vaulters that will make the 2021 Olympic Vault final (Click on bolded link)

Top 8 Gymnasts that will make the Uneven Bar final at the Olympics (2 per country only)

Top 8 gymnasts you think will make the Balance Beam final at the Olympics (2 per country)

Top 8 gymnasts you think will make up the Floor Olympic final in 2021 (2 per country) Fixed

The survey has been removed because once again these stupid polling places say they are free and secretly hide that only so many people can answer it. If the polls do the same thing I am going, mad blogger. (It says any amount of votes. Let’s see if that actually happens

ONE MORE TRY. A new survey. I am trying google now. You need an e-mail to vote. Sorry.