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  1. We could’ve gotten a homelander teaching his son how to use his powers kind of moment like this

  2. That training was a little too kind and gentle for a Saiyan. Even Goku was more brutal than that with Gohan in the hyperbolic time chamber.

  3. Me after reading the comics “oh don’t worry that won’t be the last time he hits you.”

  4. Fuck Omni man, the more I see this the more I feel myself turn into lex Luther and wanting to watch his demise.

  5. After practicing

    Invincible: are you going give me something in advance dad

    Omni man: KEEEEHAHAHA AHAHAHA you serious

  6. these guys are like sayans form the dragon ball franchise. I’d love to see a fan made comic were those two universes cross over

  7. The powers are so in depth in this series it’s crazy. I’m glad there’s a good superhero comic/show of this level that isn’t Marvel or DC.

  8. Frendly j jonah jameson is oddly disturbing. I keep expecting his to suddenly start yelling and demanding pictures of spider man.

  9. Tenzin from Legend of Korra? Jamieson from the Toby Mcguire Spiderman? Farmer’s insurance… because we seen a thing or two 😂

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