Nick Kypreos interviews Chicago Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane about everything from funny moments on the ice to being named one of the NHL Top 100 players.


  1. I swear by every nickel I have that I realized it right away that the Cup Winner in 2010 went in right away.

  2. It’s gonna be hard not seeing panarin not on the ice anymore for the hawks. I’ll be watching all of the Columbus games from now on. thanks for the moments Breadman 🙁

  3. This was a great interview. And I love that I finally got an answer to what was going on after that Detroit goal between Kane and Panarin.

  4. As much as I love Kane… there’s no way he should be in the NHL100 over Joe Thornton and Jerome Iginla. He’s a very good and deserving player but these guys are retiring in the next few years and they are guaranteed to be in the HHof, just my thoughts

  5. Ah Kaner and The Bread Man… they are runing out of ideas at this time, that’s why you get stuff like 2:53 XD

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