Ono Shohei Judo Highlights 2015 – 大野将平2015 柔道ハイライト
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My judo highlight videos will mainly focus on judo players who have a high judo rank and have competed at several international competitions such as the world championships, a judo grand slam, a grand prix, or the masters. My videos will focus not only on judo throws, but also combinations, gripping, and ground fighting. I am a judo player myself and most of these videos are for my own judo training so hopefully you can learn something and apply it to your judo, too!

Generally, I am only able to make judo videos about judo players who are in the top 20 on the international judo federation ranking list as those are the only players who have enough high quality footage for me to make these judo videos about. Also, as I train judo in Japan myself, I may be biased to make judo highlight videos about Japanese judo players which is why I would love more suggestions to expand my knowledge of other judo players from other parts around the world. Help me out and make suggestions!

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