FPS video of Operation Siagon scenario game hosted by Tsawwassen Paintball Games March/06. This is Part 2 of a series of five.


  1. like zaclan said if some one was yelling at me like that i shoot him 100 times and rip his mask off jump on it and punch him in the lips

  2. Love the VC hats at 3:24! Come to think about it, I need to figure out what to wear for Cuban Crisis this year.

  3. No, I’m using a ATS (Advanced Tactical Systems)AT-4, from getrealpaintball. com. It’s a .68 calibre magazine fed, mechanical select fire marker. These guns have been around for about 12 years now

  4. Nice! I’m going here on July 13 for the “promised lands” game just by the looks of it i can’t wait to go.

  5. HAHAHA..they stop so they dont get out of the game every 2 mins like you. Our team uses flanking maneuvers to take the enemy by surprise. Screaming is not a good tactic. NICE MARKER, but you just need to work on your recon tactics, charging is not the way to take over a controlled hill, bunker, or area. Good luck!!

  6. haha you had to go all the way to the far end, ouch, every time i’ve been to tsawwassen for scenario games i’ve been axis, never lost once in the last 7 games and always been starting at the very front staging area. but I like seeing exactly where you are and knowing i was there just an hour or 2 ago at the Tippmann Challenge, Battle of the Bulge scenario game today 😉

  7. Yes it does, it’s just the moisture seeping into the protective outer lense that condesation occures. I just put tape over the crack between the housing and lense.

  8. It is neither, it is an ATS (Advanced Tactical Systems) AT-4. It is a magazine fed marker you can check them out at Getrealpaintball dot com.

  9. Ya I thought so too, like when those two kids jumped when I started yelling at them. Check out pt 5, there you’ll see me leading the pack, with a PGP.

  10. Yes it is a magazine feed gun, but, you can also install a hopper adapter to a magazine. Yes, I ocasionally use a hopper on that gun.

  11. It is an AT-4 made by ATS (Advanced Tactical Systems). Check out their website at Getrealpaintball dot com.

  12. Didn’t have a choice, the whole team was cornered all the way back to our spawn point. What good is 50+ people cornered in the same spot. I was just coming back in I saw this & wondered why everybody was just standing there. I got a little agitated and started yelling, and in doing that I forgot to take my barrel condom off… Dang it!! Still had fun (Watch Part 5)

  13. Yah, I know… Already tried the “leading the charge” thing, never works, usually get a hundred yards up with no back-up cuz everybody stopped when the paint started flying at them. Try getting 50 people moveing with come “on guys follow me!!!”. I figured the barking sheep dog would get the sheep moving, and it did.

  14. The ATS is awesome. I can’t believe that the scenario organizers play that music, though. Feels like it turns the field into lazer tag or something.

  15. where was that?..and you should go to Velocity Paintball park cause there’s some really nice fields there 🙂

  16. If I’m providing cover fire, I usually let out a 2 or 3 round burst in each direction just to keep heads down & take cover to switch out mags. When I can reach a target I’ll aim fire a round then correct. I started playing paintball with a PGP, it made me be-sure of my shots (watch Pt.5). Pick up a stock gun, and try playing against high end semis. It’ll teach you about movement & targeting. Mind you, I’m actually more aggressive with my PGP.

  17. i use a bt-4 swat with a e trigger with a 250 ball hopper and i blow threw that shit in second how do you only use the magazine?

  18. You can also read the reviews on pbreview dot com, under “high-end mechanical markers”. Great gun , not cheap.

  19. I’ve never had any “linkage problems”, ball breaks in the gun is very rare, almost never. Check the website on the first comment reply (I’ve been haveing problems posting replys with websites attached)

  20. No, Tsawwassen Paintball Games, Tsawwassen, B.C., Canada. It’s about a 1/2 hour S W of Vancouver, B.C.

  21. what kind of marker do you rock on the field? Pretty awesome with that magazine feed system. I enjoyed the video btw. Go GO GO!

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