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  1. At the beginning i said:”he should pass more the ball.Then i saw his teamates and I understand why he didn’t

  2. was thinking the same thing hes a really good player and its impressive to be this tallented when it looks like its a really small school or town but his teamates really be skying perfect crosses rip

  3. Big shoutout to the person or people recording his highlights, some really professional clips here

  4. Yo what kids is this guy queuning up with. I need these lobbies. Mad respect to this dude he would drop me!!

  5. So from what I gather, this kid has good potential, even though he’s just what seems like to be having fun out there, his awareness and being able to play one or two touches as a striker and make runs will really make him a bigger asset playing at a high level, his composure and size makes him a dominant threat at any level. Yeah the defenders aren’t quality but the basics for improvement as a striker is there. Still enjoyable to watch and love seeing that type of passion from the kid on any pitch

  6. When the guy fell in the beginning. That should be illegal 😂. But 61 goals in 19 games is unbelievable

  7. I played with a dude that scored 130 goals in 34 matches and against defenders like those on the video lol This guy is good but he’s playing against rich daddy kids who can barely pass the ball. Hope him the best but speed and a few little soccer tricks won’t cut it on a competitive scene.

  8. I dont want to take away from his playing, he’s good, but those defenders and goalies are hot g a r b a g e

  9. Mans is good but we’re are the clips of crazy goals just looks like every senior: ball hogs, can’t pas to save there life, goes into 3 defenders just to lose lucky those defenders are trash

  10. well this is a good example of why we aren’t winning any world cups any time soon. There’s no way those were all varsity players that one kid who got beat looks legitimately 13. Some great goals though

  11. I watched and as a defender this is just really poor. Some plays I got to give it to him but others it’s just the defenders who aren’t athletic at all

  12. I wish high school soccer teams were a thing where I live in Utah, instead it’s about American football and basketball. I get basketball but it’s not for everything especially when you don’t have a desirable height. But American football is just about being brute strength and speed and takes no skill if you have that.

  13. Even i a 15 year old left back would stop him i guess americanc really ain’t built for football

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