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  1. Hey guys, just a heads up, your packs will only show up on the leaderboard if you are logged in so make sure you either signup/login or tweet me the pics, seen some crazy packs already!!!

  2. Can anyone give me 200k I’m short on coins to buy an elite for an extra 2 tickets sos message this comment please

  3. If you guys need a league in NBA mobile join ours the name is theballingsquad we only need one more person to start a tournament

  4. These gameplays are awesome love watching you failing lol keep up the good work

  5. Do team themed lineups for example you can make the new lakers lineup in the two way lineup

  6. When I click on the video I see 40k subscribers. When i refresh I see 51k. How did this channel grow so fast?

  7. Paul millsap is actually a budget beast gold he can make anything in the paint and he will hit water 💦 from the three if he is wide and as you saw in the video he was playing lockdown defense getting CPU blocks left and right

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