GoPro HD Black Run Skiing Fail

Little video showing off one of my falls in skiing.

Chess Strategy: Shutting Out Bishops

Signup for FREE online play at! The bishop is a great "long range" piece which loves to hide in the shadows while striking from afar. But to work, a bishop must have open lines...a bishop blocked in by pawns...

Начальный курс шахматной стратегии. Chess strategy. Initial course

Шахматная школа онлайн обучения: Обучение шахмат взрослых и детей по скайпу, индивидуально на дому,по видеокурсам. Видео урок шахмат для начинающих шахматистов раскрывает «золотые» правила стратегии шахматной игры Как сделать первые ходы на шахматной доске так, чтобы иметь преимущество в...

Camera man fail

From Aus v England 2002/2003 Ashes series, 5th test. Thanks to shahneelk

Chess Strategy: Counter Attack

Signup for FREE online play at! FM Kostya Kavustiy gives some incisive advice on how to react when your opponent attacks you by launching his pawns at your king.

EPIC Long Jump Fail

Buy Bitcoins on CoinBase and receive $10! 6/24/2011 2011 USA Junior National Championships Carlton Lavong of Norristown Pennsylvania goes face first into the long jump pit on his final jump.


A ton of funny football pix, NOT SUPERBOWL MATERIAL

Chess Strategy: How to Finish the Attack!

Signup for FREE online play at! FM Kostya Kavutskiy gives us some excellent advice on how to create a "mating net" around the enemy king by taking away his escape routes.

Formula 1 1990 Belgium Grand Prix – Spa Francorchamps First Lap CRASH

Formula 1 Belgium 1990 - Spa Francorchamps First Lap CRASH

Chess Tactics: The Pin

Sign up for FREE online play at Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: NM Kostya Kavutskiy discusses one of the most important chess tactics: the Pin. Remember, the pin is mightier than the sword!