Aerial Combat Design & Engineering

On this Episode, Marque Cornblatt and the team create and test a working paintball drone from kits and spare parts. Can this DIY UAV locate and score hits on a target? That’s what we’re here to find out.


  1. The barrel should aim down? Strafing runs would be more efficient no? Man these with pepper balls would be a serious home defence system for the unexpected

  2. Next you should mount multiple or a single paint ball marker on a lighter than air drone to make a paint ball gunship

  3. Does anybody have any info on the camera and goggles they used? How did they stream the camera to the goggles? Where would I get something like this?

  4. you’re moving Target was running in a straight line slowly….. do an actual test and how people would actually move

  5. Great video…Next I want to see a video of you guys playing a paint ball game with two teams, one team gets “close air support” and calls in an airstrike 🙂

  6. This human test was invalid, a real paintballer would be ducking into cover and returning fire. Your man was just running in a straight line. I wouldn’t use a drone in a real paint ball game because you would need at least 2 players watching your backs while the goggles are on. That is two less teammates actually covering ground. Plus two men to one marker is incredible inefficient. You would need a way for the pilot to be in control of the drone and the marker to make this effective in a game.

  7. The next step is camera/gun stabilization and even a bit of aiming for the firing apparatus. Once that is n it will be pretty much unstopable.

  8. Love it!!!! needs to be single person though… botton on rc controller mod, and or head tracking module? Awesome! cheers:-)

  9. this would be dope is the paintball league allowed one drone on a team that is operated by 2 people and they cant go anywhere or have any weapons just be protected by their teammates and they can kill the other team with the done

  10. got any tips for a basic quad thats under 500$ that is big enough to rig this to or make it for airsoft ?

  11. ok, it’s good for Marijuana business, if you don’t pay, you are dead! Marijuana soon to be legalize in Canada.

  12. You know what you should do, make another set of propellers on the bottom,cin a sense dual layer it, and use 1 pressire tank for two barrels and have that drone be able to flip around etc. I am not able to do so but please I woukd love to see this become real 😀 thank you

  13. This would be freaking amazing if you could like use a Google cardboard to see where you are in first person.

  14. Having a two person team is a great idea, but only if you’ve given the gunner the ability to aim.  after this point, it shouldn’t be too much more difficult to mount the gun on a rotating servo.  if all he can do is pull the trigger you might as well scrap the team approach and use a switch on your radio to fire.  To hell with boring battle bots on TV, I would totally watch Drone Deathwatch anytime.  Have a dozen teams in an abandoned old warehouse and have them flying around, either playing last man standing or team Deathmatch, two cameras per drone, a pilot and a gunner cam, plus cameras mounted inside the warehouse, perhaps have noncombatant camera drones filming with punishment for accidental hitting of them…  give points for number of targets eliminated, etc. That would make for enjoyable watching.

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