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  1. I was playing with my friends at their b-day party and we went paintballing but my freind got hert badly so we never did that agin so hope u dont get hert like we did.

  2. And BGG Paintballs? This is my new favorite channel! I haven’t played like like 2003. Used to have a BKO, Halo B w/rip drive setup! 😀

  3. You should try airsoft. It doesn’t hurt nearly as much and looks more realistic. Also the guns don’t cost awhole lot sometimes.

  4. ive always wanted to play paintball but was afraid bere inspired me to play it so here is a special message for you bere THANK YOU OH THANK YOU IM SO HAPPY NOW THAT I DID (this is a song) THANK YOU OH THANANAK YOU

  5. Bereghost (mike) please please check out my account please subscrib i knw i have 1 veido because i just got a new account today but please subscribe

  6. @BereghostGames will you make more real life paintball videos if you read this i will apprecieate it i love you and the family. p.s i hope you get a million subs

  7. I love playing paintball, a friend’s of mine has a big outdoor paintball place in their field and a bunch of us go out. Lots of fun 👍

  8. I don’t attend to watching Paintball games cause I really don’t know where he’s shooting or wheres the person 😛

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