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  1. It’s been 5 years. Still no GHP3☹️. I’m losing hope now. I’m starting to think they stopped making the game and canceled it and are just afraid to tell us. Or something like that.😔😭

  2. So what happened? We haven’t been updated on ghp3 in over 2 years, is it still in development? What’s going on?

  3. I recently came across GHP2 today and remembered when I played that ALL THE TIME in middle/high school. I went to the website to see if there was anything new to do with the franchise. I saw that there was a “coming soon” for GHP3 and was so excited. Then i realized this was almost 5 years ago and now I’m sad it wont happen lol

  4. Its been 4 years. The current gen consoles will be “last gen” by the time this is released. Doubt its coming.

  5. Greg. where did you go? Is this game still happening or not man? this game better have a map like GTA at this rate 🙂

  6. Gotta get me in ghp3 for vr !! What do I got to do . I been playing your games since I was a kid .

  7. Although this video was posted awhile back, I would say keep the slide/dive. Having both made the game evasive. You could try to balance the slides and make crawling abit slower in the next game. As for customization, I’m sure others have better ideas than me for that. More fields would be great and I’d love to see some unique field editor options. Anyone else wanna join the hype train?

  8. Honestly, if you took all the elements that made GHTP and Max’d so good (A.I., break- out editor, field editor, physics etc.) and gave it more plush graphics and more customisation options, you’d have a winner on your hands.

  9. How about you bring back splat magazine renegade paintball that game was top of the line your games are OK but they lack the effort that renegade paintball had when it released for the Xbox and PC also if no one plays splat magazine RPB you need to get a cop cause no paintball simulation was as good as that game.

  10. Could you make the speed ball games more intense and be able to run plans with your team, so everyone runs to different areas and it’s not all scattered off the break?? Maybe that’s asking too much idk.. :/ regardless, I’m excited to see this one come out. its going to be awesome!!

  11. make sure the movement is like call of duty, like ran fast turn fast not the slow lame shit on ghp2 and u should make it for we can uncap our bps and set them to 30bps if we have the right gear for it and make it so we dnt have to unlock anything just make it for when have to spend money on things

  12. i played this game when i was 5 best game ever never got the second game still play the first today when ghp3 comes out im buying!

  13. There should be batteries on board operated guns.. Make this as realistic as possible.. Take and actually weight in person all gear and wear every possible combination of equipment test actual speed and mobility.. Also green screen actual slides and dives depending on forward speed

  14. Will this new ghp3 have the ridiculous pieces of gear such as the foam cowboy hat from ghp2, also will you guys give out a special ingame gear or gun for having before played ghp2?

  15. @Social Paintball please make it so if you hit person more then once the person doesn’t do just one animations.make it seem like he’s in pain. Please update the guns even though I love the old ones.
    Should have an option to jump over bunkers.update the environment graphics. Ai. And add more woodsball, speedball, scenario events.love it good luck! Hopefully you are successful with all the other big name brands! PS would like more updates on the news!

  16. Can’t wait to play this on ps4! I rented Greg Hastings paintball 2 on my ps4 and I’m just loving it!

  17. This is honestly just being a bit picky but slightly more fluid movements from the player model like slides and dives and snapping, also, just a small idea but player conditioning mini games, just to add to the experience of training for speed ball

  18. I liked playing with my friends on ghp2 when they were on but the ai was bad but Ik it’s hard to program an ai to play paintball like us but I think I speak for all of us woods ball is cool but make it an extra mode not half of the game I think we would like the game to be more focused on the sport not rec and woods

  19. I don’t know if you have had these in your previous games (just now really getting into paintball) but I think that gun customizations like paint scheme, grips, etc. would be really cool. Thanks for making this game too, sounds fun

  20. Will there be different firing modes? Like the current ones like ramping, etc. Also, my little 2 cents, old layouts, old guns, along with the new ones (which I know you got covered). Also, GHP2 is still one of my favorite games, but for real, the bots need to be a little more… Idk.. Intelligent. They tend to streak down the field off the break with the flag, as opposed to shooting everyone out, then carrying the flag in. Aside from that, what are the graphics/physics comparable to? Thanks, looking forward to being a core team in the game 😉 thanks

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