Marcellus Wiley joins Reggie Bush, LaVar Arrington and Jason Whitlock to discuss the Carolina Panthers announcing that Cam Newton will miss the rest of the season with an injury.

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Panthers keeping Cam Newton would be ‘fiscally irresponsible’ — Marcellus | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

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  1. These networks were pushing for Cam’s exit so that he can sign with America’s Favorite Cheaters…. The Patriots

  2. The Panthers’s window to win is now. You get rid of a dynamic player like Cam without replacing his potential production, you’re closing your window in my opinion. With CMC playing the way he is, you have everything you need right now to win next season. This is not a question to me.

  3. I know it’s a different sport but I can’t forget the Lakers watch Kobe take up a giant chunk of the Cap he wasn’t really Kobe anymore and let him just keep Goin hold thrm back them trying to rebuild.

  4. Cam should’ve taken a paycut a few years ago , this money is hurting him more than the team tryna move on from him because of that money .

  5. It really ended for Newton in the Super Bowl when he didn’t try to go for that fumble. Whether it was right or not, it looked like he didn’t have that killer instinct to win on the games biggest stage.

  6. The giants did it, why shouldn’t the panthers. Giants just waited wayyyy too long to do it.

  7. Cam went crazy with that cactus on his head, dressing like Dennis Rodman, and being a sexist

  8. Blake Bortles and Mitch Trubisky fever. Less than average QBs who won a few games in a season with great defenses.

  9. Problem with trading Cam, they put him on IR, everyone is saying that Kyle Allen is the guy, Cams age, and CMC is the franchise player, so that being said Carolina can’t get much for Cam maybe a 3rd in return because he’s been de-valued by the team and media.

    I won’t be surprised if he goes elsewhere (Chicago) and Balls out!

  10. Can’t wait to see this video on a highlight video💯. Cam is coming back and he’s coming back better than ever.

  11. Cam is finished!
    “You never want to leave the huddle because you never know who’s going in the huddle!” Bill Parcells

  12. These athletic qbs have a Short shelf life. I bet dude in Baltimore don’t last real long either

  13. His “body of work ” is literally 5 good years! After that, he’s been WACK! Cam is a flash in the pan qb

  14. Matt Ryan sub .500 since his super bowl loss and is currently on a 1-7 team. Keep that same energy, Matt Ryan has one more win than an injured Cam this season.

  15. It’s funny how everyone giving up on cam but people like hoyer and Fitzpatrick still have jobs

  16. Hater !!!! Hater !!!! Hater !!!! Keep putting Cam down ; while his real fans KEEP POUNDING !!!!!! So many fake people who pretend to like their peers they be among. Then they turn on you the first chance they get. It’s just like me the viewer who like to watch football & keep up with what’s being talked about ; if I would wish you all get fired as soon as they can fire you hateful people.

  17. Two things here one it will be the charger’s all over again remember they give up on Breese and what happened after Aaron Rodgers won a superbowl his be 500 hundred as well

  18. Who are you gonna find as a starting QB thats as great as Cam is?
    Ima let let you let that marinate in your spirit.

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