Luongo is gonna have nightmares hearing that annoying goal song.
You can almost hear Jim Hughson crying with the silence after Kane puts the game away with the hatty LOL


  1. My dad took me to this game when I was in 5th grade and I’ll never forget the moment when he did the back hand at the top of the circles I went crazy

  2. What is the sound oh wait it’s Edmonton getting scared on 6 times in one game and having this playing after a Chicago Blackhawks goal in their own arena

  3. Poor Bobby LUOOOOOOO. I still remember how sad I was after this. It was a school night, so I went to bed earlier than usual right after this.

  4. Hard to believe this was 11 seasons ago! What’s even harder to believe is the Blackhawks still have 4 players from that season. Another way to tell it’s so old is that in the final seconds of the video the camera goes down the bench and hardly any players were wearing visors.

  5. Fuck, I still remember this. It hurt so bad, and seeing LUONGO like that laying in the net after the KANE hatrick made it hurt even more. I went to bed real early that night when the game finished.

  6. Damn, it’s been years since I’ve seen highlights from this game, and they still kickass!

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