High school baseball highlights of the Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes when he was at Whitehouse (TX).

Courtesy of Whitehouse high school

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  1. Wow highlights of him pitching too??????? Was it a ball? A Strike? A bird…. who knows but hey that mound looks nice

  2. I wonder if his mommy was in the stands yelling at the coaches and the umpires like she did to Tom Brady and ESPN? Lol lil’ mommy’s boy.

  3. Big deal!! Highlights getting walked, lots of runners on while pitching and you strike a couple batters out. I know guys on the street who could run around players in the majors 100%.

  4. This kid has good mechanics.. is he a 2 sport athlete? He looks like he may be good in another sport, but still kinda too early to tell.

  5. People playing baseball against him didn’t realize he would win a Super Bowl 7-8 years later.

  6. Him and Russell both know the truth…It’s easier to be an NFL quarterback than to grind it out in baseball (Minor leagues) for a few years, hoping to make it…lol!

  7. Usually when I watch basketball highlights I watch the players put up the shot and then skip over the part where it goes in the hoop. Also love watching players go up for a dunk but don’t actually care to see them dunk

  8. Great high school player, however, my son and his Mansfield Legacy teammates, knocked out Mahomes and Whitehouse in the first round of the Texas high school playoffs Mahome’s senior year! Glad to see Mahomes was able to get past that. Lol!!

  9. His highlights are throwing 4 unknown pitches off the mound and hitting three balls that we don’t know if they were even hits? 🤣 what a stud

  10. i heard he pitched one inning in college baseball and couldn’t get one out lol. he has an infinity ERA

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