When a seller tries to make a deal on a potentially valuable piece of Babe Ruth history, Rick brings in an expert who may have to pull his card in this clip from “Three Pawn Night”. #PawnStars
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  1. Rick: “It’s is worth $0.00 and that’s retail. So, you need to pay me $565.00 because I have to clean it and, there is no telling how long it will sit in my shop. That’s the best I can do.”

  2. No wonder he has a permanent frown. You could also tell his story of how he found the card didn’t seem honest. That boy man knew what it was.

  3. Lol at the expert even taking the card out to judge if it was real or not. It has the classic artificial aged look, you can tell it’s fake in the video. No need to even take it out out the holder.

  4. If that was my card, I’d have punched the “expert” in the throat before and after he told me it wasn’t real! 😑😆

  5. Buy dogecoin while its low price is gonna skyrocket on superbowl Sunday!!! buy now put it all in

  6. Meanwhile Grandpa watching from heaven: HAHAHAHAHAHAH HE ACTUALLY FELL FOR IT 😂
    That’s payback for forgetting to give me a Christmas present!

  7. The dry january encouragingly book because bookcase multivariably cry next a fearful fearless step-aunt. wretched, aspiring cupcake

  8. I think it was real. It was just damaged by moisture after beeing in a shed for so long. This is what made the texture rough and not shiny smooth. If someone was to make a fake card, they would not have any problem making the texture right, and it would probably be very similar to the real deal.

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