With Sidney Crosby preparing to play in his 1,000th NHL game, the Pittsburgh Penguins presented him with gifts and a touching video tribute before puck drop.


  1. Сидни – гений. Я болею за PP потому что там играет Сидни Кросби.

  2. Поздравляю Сидни!!!!! Привет Малкину и Овечкину! Привет из России!!! Желаю здоровья всем и новых побед! Браво Сидни! Так держать! Я давно наблюдаю за матчами Сидни Кросби! Это большой талант, уровень Грецки!

  3. Love him. Hate him. Hate to love him. Absolute legend. He’s the blueprint every kid dreams of becoming. Congrats to Sid. He’s not even close to being done though.

  4. I remember his AAA subways team having practice time just before our junior team in the sportsplex when he was 14 and now here we are. Time flies!

  5. I don’t understand the masks… they are all using the same locker room, they ceebrate goals and wins with hugs… at some point it basically just becomes a commercial to normalise nonsensical behavior.

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