Pittsburgh Penguins center Sidney Crosby scores a huge shootout goal vs the Montreal Canadiens on November 10, 2005.


  1. I remember watching this game live and hoping Theodore was gonna make an amazing save like he used to do in the early 2000’s… But it didn’t happen on Crosby.

  2. one of the most significant games in hockey and penguins history; not only this, but mario lemieux’s final goal was scored that night

  3. I remember watching this with my dad in my basement, the quality on our TV was so bad my dad thought the bottle that Crosby sent flying was the puck lol. Even though we were habs fans there’s not much u can say, what a goal

  4. I’m from Montreal and was watching this live and was really looking forward to see Syd at this game.

    Even if my team lost, Syd absolutely killed Theodore and the commentator was hilarious

  5. Theodore looks up & says to himself “did i just stop Lemieux in a shootout” yeah Jose hes 40 & you just got burnt by a 18 year old Crosby!

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