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Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/blametruthoc
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXjbvdFyEG0IcYbGMR81Akg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealBlameTruth

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PKA 534 topic link dump: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BJRmQHyRW96AASO__r8FkK-FsLFO-yFXtaho-7H4qrA/edit?usp=sharing
0:00:00 – Woody introduces the show, Taylor introduces the sponsors
0:00:10 – Twitch’s outrageous word censorship, PC culture and dwarf-tossing
0:04:35 – Taylor’s farmer’s carry workouts & BlameTruth’s recent venture into boxing
0:09:55 – Why Woody has been sending topless photos to Kyle and Taylor constantly
0:13:56 – Achieving peak body fat percentage & Greg Doucette’s testosterone troubles
0:18:56 – Ex-PKA guest Driftor and his near-fatal experience with testosterone therapy
0:23:23 – Wings talk: Medical mishaps, marital issues & the PKA 176 Survival Trip drama
0:32:49 – Les Stroud the legitimate survival specialist & why Bear Grylls is a reality star fraud
0:38:26 – The Starbucks scandal of Game of Thrones Season 8
0:40:22 – The Sopranos, Ray Liotta and being cast as an “ugly” character in Hollywood
0:44:33 – UFC talk: Malformed nipples, box office price gouging & pirate streams
0:53:57 – Why region-locking content is absurd & BlameTruth’s collection of physical movies
0:57:59 – Jason Mamoah’s career redemption arc & being treated favourably if you’re hot
1:00:16 – The hottest PKA guests to go gay for & ex-guest Harley has gone clean shaven!
1:05:21 – Taylor’s plans to go bald for his wedding & how the mullet has made a comeback
1:09:08 – Tattoo talk: BlameTruth’s mini-sleeve, Kyle’s Norse tats & people with terrible tattoos
1:30:59 – If the guys were to get a tattoo of a movie, what would be the best design?
1:35:42 – Failed military marriages & the silliness of synchronised military performances
1:43:38 – Woody’s DIY motorbike repair (Gone wrong!)
1:47:16 – Taylor and BlameTruth bond over flooded basements and filthy homes
1:50:21 – The guys check out /r/NeckbeardNests, a Subreddit for the saddest of gamer rooms
1:53:19 – BlameTruth opens up on the darkest period of his life (binge drinking & depression)
1:55:33 – Kyle and BlameTruth’s obsessive personalities related to drinking, poker & gaming
1:59:54 – BlameTruth talks returning to Twitch, investing in cryptocurrency & Cheez-Its
2:06:04 – The guys reminisce on their school days: Off-brand foods, cool lunch boxes & big boys
2:11:58 – Kyle shares photos from his childhood of school plays and Cowboy cosplays!
2:17:38 – Taylor’s four-wheeler fiasco, Woody’s off-roading days & dangerous drag racing talk
2:24:32 – BlameTruth shouts out his Social Medias and leaves the show
2:25:05 – Ad reads: Postmates & Smart Mouth
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2:27:37 – Biden’s nationwide vaccine roll out, returning to normal life & custom face masks
2:40:47 – Kyle goes on a hilarious tirade against overly-keen supermarket receipt-checkers
2:45:57 – Kyle’s Insta-Cart life hack & the guys discuss proper shopping cart-return protocol
2:54:40 – NBA star Meyers Leonard finds himself in hot water after unflattering Warzone rage
2:56:58 – Sports talk: NHL streaming, Stephen A. Smith’s cluelessness & how to grow a sport
3:03:17 – Woody and Kyle’s experience of using dozens of pounds of detonation devices
3:08:03 – Texas teacher instructs her female pupils to “obey” and “clean up after” men
3:12:14 – Why aren’t schools effectively teaching students to prepare for the real world?
3:15:54 – Kyle attempts to help Woody find a cheap masseur to come to his house
3:18:34 – Politics talk: Trump vs the Republican Party & the federal legalisation of weed
3:25:51 – Kyle discusses his legal case updates & staying in Georgia vs moving to Colorado
3:28:59 – More politics talk: The Democrats’ stance on weed & legalisation vs decriminalisation
3:40:39 – The guys’ experience of living by the beach, curing boredom & starting fires as kids
3:46:56 – Taylor’s Gordon Ramsay-watchalong streams & Kitchen Nightmares’ funniest bits
3:53:05 – The insanity of Marco Pierre White, Gordon Ramsay’s maniacal chef mentor
3:54:41 – The 1000-lb sisters and Boogie2988’s hilarious sissy hypnosis drama
4:01:07 – Woody calls it a show