PUBG Highlights Ep. 15

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These clips are selected from PUBG highlights from the previous day of PUBG action, so you know you will always be getting the most up to date PUBG highlights on this channel. The clips contain a variety of types of PUBG highlights, including PUBG funny moments, PUBG rage moments, PUBG WTF moments, PUBG epic moments and other categories based on what was interesting for the day.

IMPORTANT: This channel is intended to create a community that highlights fun and entertaining moments from Should you not want to be featured in one of the videos on this channel, please contact us at [email protected]

Music Credit:
TheFatRat – “Elegy (Jackpot EP Track 4)”


  1. What was your favorite clip of the day? Also, do you have a particular type of clip you enjoy watching the most?

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