PUBG New State: PUBG teases two locations of the PUBG New State game before alpha test release
PUBG New State: PUBG teases two locations of the PUBG New State game before alpha test release

PUBG New State – New Locations Coming Soon: Upcoming Battle Royale mobile game, PUBG New State is getting ready for the grand launch. The promoter company has teased two locations of the PUBG New State game map on its social media handle. PUBG New State is upcoming mobile title of PUBG franchise. The game was originally announced in February 2021. Krafton Inc. developer of PUBG New State announced pre- registrations for the game recently. After witnessing great success in PUBG Mobile, developers decided to bring in some more action in the Battle Royale genre.

Fans are desperately waiting for the leaks and hints from the game. PUBG New State teases two new locations which are Exhibit Hall and The Mall.

PUBG New State: LOCATION 1 – Exhibit Hall location – PUBG New State is set in the year 2051 where gamers should expect futuristic touch in the map, weapons and vehicles. Fans are so exited to get a glimpse of the game, they also excited to learn about new locations which will be added in the maps. Recently Krafton teases new location Exhibit Hall which will be a popular attraction for the survivors. This was the first location revealed by PUBG New State, so it might be major spawn point for ammo, weapons and other in game equipments.
PUBG New State posted on their social media handle –

“Famous for its exhibitions, the Exhibit Hall was a symbolic monument in Troi.It was always beloved by tourists for its open-style architecture.It’s still a popular attraction in 2051 – only to ruthless survivors.”

PUBG New State: LOCATION 2 -The Mall – Today, PUBG New State teases one more location which is “The Mall”. The Mall is set to 2051 where you will find great loot and equipments in the map. This teaser comes few days ago before the Alpha Test launch in Americas.

PUBG New State teases on Twitter,
” The Mall catered to families and friends and was a gathering hub for citizens of Troi. While some were here for fashion and delicious food, others came to simply appreciate the majestic sunlight that is diffused by the gigantic tempered glass.”