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  1. Real players use walk mode because it’s more realistic. Each one has their pros and cons but teleporters can easily dodge grenades if they see you. The top players like me use grenades most of the times other than the shotgun. So even if you shoot me you will die too from my grenades. Lol Most players on pc seem to be up to a second or 2 ahead of other players. I’ve played RecRoom VR paintball on the Vive,
    quest and Windows. The windows version seems to be ahead of other players. Or in other words your ahead of their moves from the screen slowing down kinda like slow motion while your moves are a little bit faster than theirs. But is this game worth buying a VR ready computer for on average $1000 while some are a couple thousand dollars.

  2. so wait are you not able to walk and forth normally in your gaurdian space as well? And are you not able to crouch as well normally in your gaurdian space as well? By normally I mean without using controller

  3. I play it every day! They only downside is that I don’t have a fast internet. The faster your internet is, the faster you are able to move in these games. Not including how good your internet is without having many glitches. While playing paintball, I’ll get around 15 to 20 kills or so on average, still though I’ll die almost half as many times or even as many times because of my Quest getting stuck for a few seconds to a full minute making people able to kill me. lol

  4. Do people with other headset walk without teleporting? I see them doing that in other game modes but I don’t know if quest users can do that

  5. Woah this is amazing! I’m very glad to see such great quality on the Quest, despite everyone’s negativity towards it being a mobile chip! I can’t wait to make a video of playing RR paintball in an actual field so that I can run around and fight the other players haha

  6. Can you turn on walking mode? Also i wonder what his profile says? Does it say pc player or like what?

  7. Cool. But can Pavlov run on the Oculus Quest? I don’t mind the visuals looking like early PlayStation 2 Graphics

  8. It looks pretty impressive. I thought the graphics would suffer a major hit comparing with the PSVR version but I see that they’ve done a great job with the Quest version.

  9. Does rec room crash on quest a lot like it does on psvr? Cause psvr crashes this game like every 2-3 hours for me

  10. Really hope that immense lag is only from the recording and not actually like this in the headset…….

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