Introducing RomaRo Ray V V1 460 Driver, A new driver that is RomaRo’s low-spin model providing a medium trajectory that achieves both a soft feel and a strong trajectory. RomaRo has a newly developed “Double Titanium Face” that incorporates high-strength titanium that is absolutely advantageous for flying. In addition to the high resilience performance of high-strength titanium, the launch direction can be controlled neutrally to hit both draws and fades with confidence.

The new “double titanium face” uses a high-strength titanium “DAT55G” cup face that is integrally molded to the body and crown. V-shaped protrusions  aka (CNC Fang’s) are provided on the left and right sides of the thinned clamp cup face, and the upper and lower winding parts are further thinned and grooves (Speed ​​Groove) are provided to realize a “core attack area”

Forgiving and deep faced with great feel and distance was the Aim.  The face is made of DAT55G Titanium with an 811 Ti precision cast body. This driver features Adjustable weighting with optional 1,3,5,7 gram weights with wrench.

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RomaRo Ray V V1 460 Driver Specification

Material/manufacturing method Face: DAT55G Titanium, 811 Titanium (Face / Heel)
Body: 811 Titanium / Precision casting * 2 piece structure
Finish Face: Satin / Sole: High-strength black IP processing
Count 1W 1W
Loft (degree) 9.5 10.5
Rye (degree) 59 59
Volume (cm 3 ) 460 460
Face angle Straight
Length (inch) RJ-TG 45.75 45.75
Gross weight (± 3g) RJ-TG (S) 306 306
shaft RJ-TG
(manufactured by Shaft Lab)
flex S R
balance D1 D1
Shaft weight (g) 58 55
Torque (degree) 4.0 4.3