How to play Soccer or Football? Timestamps OR Chapters:
00:00 How to Play Soccer?
00:34 How the Soccer Game Start?
00:49 Soccer Field Dimensions and Layout
01:36 Soccer Goal Area
02:35 Scoring in Soccer.
02:44 How to Win Soccer Match?

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Soccer is also known as football.
The primary rule of soccer is that players cannot touch the ball with their hands or arms while the ball is in play.
The objective of the game is to score more goals than your opponent in 90 minutes.
We will explain to you how does the soccer game start?
Learn about soccer field dimensions and layout?

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  1. its called football not soccer you idiot , cuz it looks like a ball kicked by foot , the other one is called the hand egg , cuz it looks like an egg you throw by hand ….

  2. this is great, good thing my coach send this cause i had no idea how to play soccer lol

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  4. Don’t mind me I’m tryna answer my gym questions.
    If my teacher sees this, no you fucking don’t.

    1. Soccer is also known as:


    2. How many soccer players does each team put on the field?
    (11 players.)

    3. What is the primary rule of soccer?
    (Players can’t touch the ball with their hands while playing, excluding goalkeepers.)

    4. Who is allowed to touch the soccer ball with their hands?

    5. How long is a half in soccer?

    (45 minutes, with a 15 minute break in between.)

    6. What is the object of the game of soccer?
    (To get the ball into the opposing team’s net.)

    7. What’s another name for a soccer field?
    (Football pitch.)

    8. What area is a goalie allowed to use their hands?
    (Their goal box.)

    9. How do you score in soccer?
    (The whole ball has to be over the line.)

    10. How do you win a game of soccer?
    (You have to score more goals than your opponent.)

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  6. Thank you! Very helpful! 😁👍
    I love soccer and I have played since I was 4, but sadly was on the YMCA soccer team so I never learned a lot of the simple rules of the professional sport

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  8. My teacher forced me to watch this for a test next week and I am a girl so I suck at soccer TwT

  9. I didn’t watch the video yet but is soccer like basketball rules for out of bounds? For example if a soccer ball goes out of bounds but does not touch the ground yet, can a player kick it back in bounds before it hits the ground? Or once it goes over the out of bounds line its out even if its in the air? Also for a goal, does only part of the ball have to cross the goal line or the entire ball has to cross the line?

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