1. Halo BTS pacarmu blackpingk ya KK taehyung pacarnya kk Jennie KK Seok jin pacarnya KK jisoo KK Jimin pacarnya KK rose KK jungkok pacarnya KK lisa ya😀😀😀😀

  2. Bts pacarmu itu blackpingk atau Twice sih aku bingung pas aku lihat di YouTube kayak gini pacarnya Twice pas tak lihat kok bts paling pacarmu ada dua ya kan coba lihatten kalau BTS sama twice

  3. Hello Bts members😍… I m a die heart fan ,obsessed with your performance ❤️.Have Watched allmost all the performance videos .Miss all the Bts members specially V 🌹.My dream is just to meet you guys once in my lifetime & to Spend some time with you people 😇.I am learning Korean just for BTS so that i can understand there words😊. Love from West Bengal in India 🌺.If possible come to West Bengal once we all will be waiting 💟.Stay Happy Stay Safe Guys .Lots of love for your bright future ahead.❤️💞

  4. Guys is Taehyung alright? He seems to the most quiet member in this episode and looks sad too

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