Almost every car manufacturer has that one quirky odd ball design vehicle. This is one of Saabs. The body is not what you would think it is. The engine is not what you would think it is. The driving experience… well, it is better than I thought it was!

Special thanks to Joe Clift for allowing me to drive his masterpiece. If anyone would like to get in touch with Joe about anything particular pertaining to the car such as information or recommendations, you may email him at [email protected] and he is located in San Dimas California.

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  1. Another amazing video..Never seen one driving before actually never seen one ever at least not in my country.. And thanks for new video I’m always waiting and wanting more….SAAB forever

  2. I disliked Sonett until now. Now I understand the glory in it.

    Wow I want one next to my Saab 9000. No it’s not a Turbo, it’s N/A 2,3L.. drinks like a horse

  3. Someone needs to take one with a blown or missing motor and do an electric-drive conversion. With that light weight and cool body, it might be amazing with a couple hundred electric horses driving the wheels?

  4. Yes!! Another guy who’s first car was a gremlin!
    Mine was too! No complaints except for the rust that took it away…

  5. Still wanted to ask you how is your non viggen Saab doing. I’m busy trying to source myself the se kit for mine.

  6. In Europe, those V4 and Sonett 3 had only 1.5 liter Ford engine, compared to the US version 1.7L, but so many of US ones were brought to the Europe, that you can easily find some 1.7L for sale in EU.

  7. Thanks for the great video, Craig! Regarding your last thought: Sonetts were Model 97, with the exception of the 1956 Sonett I, which was known as the 94.

  8. This car is a SAAB 97 Sonett III, i’ve owned 4 and am on # 5 , a yellow 1972, I love it and am glad to have a good one, I sold my #4 to Amsie, and now its in Holland, and so it goes.

  9. So good to see this car. I owned the exact one for 10 months. Everyone was amazed (That’s a SAAB???) at its appearance. My problem (s) was the car should have been painted lemon yellow. The exhaust system, true dual pipes, would break on alternate sides at the welded on resonater at regular intervals. The dealer had a garage full of Sonett exhaust parts. The clutch started slipping at 900 miles and after many repairs a new slave cylinder was issued by the factory as a fix. That lasted for a couple months. It seemed that the car had gained horsepower when it was initially installed. Various knobs and pulls (rear hatch and hood) would pull off when used and various other problems. When it was running well I took it to a Porsche dealer and traded it for a very basic 914. I paid $3500.00 for the SAAB and was given $2500.00 for it in trade for the Porsche, more than half the price of the new car. Wish I still had it though.

  10. One small point. The owner said the ’73 Sonett came with the soccer ball wheels painted. I don’t think that’s true. At least mine didn’t. Many Sonett owners end up painting the silver stock wheels to look like soccer balls. I did that, and I’ll also add I bought mine from the original owner, back in ’78. It had the same silver wheels this gentleman in the video has. Miss that car very much, and major respect to the folks that keep the Sonetts alive!

  11. “Next time I see one….” ??? I’m 50 years old. I’ve NEVER seen one, in person. But I just bought two of them in oklahoma and will be picking them up during the holidays.

  12. Cars without number naming – flippin’ thousands. I will not bother naming any because it would take too long. I bet you wished you hadn’t said that without thinking for five seconds first.😸

  13. I’ve never seen one before but I know where there is one of these right now I got pictures and know the place..

  14. I had a purple 1974 in the late 70’s and I like the big bumpers. I think the Sonett looks strange without them. It is such a fun car and I miss it. It was a blast to drive on mountain roads. At 6’5″ it probably was a little too small for me but I was young and didn’t care! 😉

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