Saint Ralph is the unlikely story of Ralph Walker, a ninth grader who outran everyone’s expectations except his own in his bold quest of trying to win the 1954 Boston Marathon.


  1. I wish there is a sequel for this movie and i will even pay for it to watch it. Any second guys?

  2. This is a beautiful, inspiring, riveting FAMILY DRAMA that made me cry. I will surely watch it again from this Illinois, USA, lockdown: 03-30-2021

  3. What is a miracle? It’s an unexplained occurrence. It didn’t follow the normal conclusion after all the facts that were known at the time were evaluated. Maybe a higher authority stepped in make this miracle happen. There is much we don’t know and are still learning about life forces around us.

  4. There is no qualified immunity for crimes against humanity and human beings right to exist and breathe ! Your going to prison the remainder of your lives

  5. Appreciate not letting me record it – shows decency – I’d expect nothing less then people that are and will suffer for their remainder of their lives this life and if you do believe in the next unlike Ronny Reagan Jr you will suffer eternally that I’m willing to bet my life and my families lives on that fact ! But I do wish you the best of luck unfortunately God doesn’t deal with rolling the dice and horseshoes ! But but miracles happen everyday – unless you admit wrongdoing and apologise you have no chance of living any type of happy life again ! That I’m sure of ! But if we aren’t chasing after miracles everyday then what’s the point of living ? So god bless and good luck

  6. Memories in the 60’s at Catholic high school. Where religious brothers would beat the hell out of me for my infractions

  7. I laughed, I cried and smiled Im not a crazy catholic anymore.
    I mean Jesus is Lord, but so glad he showed me the truth. – fun inspirational film.

  8. A truly wonderful story. I had this friend way back to when I was 10. His name was Fulton Sheen. For the 2 years that our friendship lasted, I learned what a miracle really is. And they are manifested in the name of love and charity and honesty, for God’s sake. I am currently very ill from the coronavirus I caught, so I pray to St. Fulton for inspiration. You can too. Believe, and Jesus and all the saints are on call; 24/7!

  9. That’s what I don’t ever understand what are you debating ? The sky is blue you can’t debate that and if there is any debate then you ask the person what or why they believe differently there is no debate I got nothing to do with nothing you keep this nonsense going and can’t tell the truth over what reason ? What ? There is no debate – you are divided on what ? Committing hate crimes ? Speaking English ? There is no debate the sky is blue debate that – it’s unimaginable arguing that everyday and putting a square peg into a round hole everyday irs unimaginable waste of time and resources and you spend over two billion dollars on what exactly for what reason to learn English ? Find out the sky is blue ? Could of saved yourself the money and aggravation and I would I’d told you the answer offline and kept your money – save the resources sky is blue and that’s free advice no charge – just got to leave innocent people alone and not lie every time you open your mouths lie and make up nonsense – there’s consequences – you have not noticed the consequences ? I even told you in English to tell me what needs to happen what is it gonna take for you to leave me alone what exactly the details anything you want just say it in English and tell me do we can get this get this over with ASAP just say it put it in your dumb annoying commercials – why is that a difficult concept ? Is it the English ? I can’t think of any other reason than not speaking English why can’t you go to the App Store and download an application eith language and put my words that come out in English and put them in a translate application and maybe and maybe maybe one day be responsible enough to do your job and do the right thing & speak grunt go ahead grunt I’ll decipher it – another terrible suggestion that is irrelevant – if y’all are going through some hard times then I feel bad for you and I will pray and want the best situation for everyone but this movie has nothing to do with my life and would never have anything to do with me – refugee spots and immigration things and daca and all that nonsense it’s good policy but not a dang thing is gonna help this situation – nothing will change – not with this –

  10. Buddy you there ? Until you came along everything felt wrong – buddy yes absolutely buddy come home – takes that 1 person in your lifetime and your good everything is perfect balanced happiness not needing or wanting anything just being happy – like Ron and myself we are good solid whatever happens I know I got my Ronny and we are gonna deal with it accordingly snd be done with it never any doubt not even an option for Ron and me to breakup no chance of that happening I find my soulmate and suddenly gonna just quit and give up sbd not be gaping after putting in sll this time and effort no chance if that happening – peopke are choosing their words carefully nowadays & that’s important words matter right remember telling me that and your words aren’t too good or positive rather frightening and irrelevant to everything and anything you speak another language completely like not even on the same planet type of language – unimaginable the way you people look at things and twist things and think the worst of the worst snc don’t even bother asking anything or a question about anything ? That’s amazing and arrogance ! That’s sll it is being uneducated and arrogant I have a slang and a way of saying things that is not the best way but comes out wrong or the words are different then what I’m typing to Ronny – cause I know what I’m saying and I expect you to also know what I’m saying in English obviously but the language barrier was just too much to overcome and got the best of everything – your English is much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much different than the way I speak English you are speaking straight Chinese to me when you are saying things or suggestions it’s Chinese and irrelevant – got no ideas what your talking about sbd frankly if I don’t understand or hear my own language coming back to me then irs a one way conversations and I’m doing therapy eith Ronny and it’s sll irrelevant – when you got the entire world literally harassing sbd interfering and targeting one person for that long and you don’t understand my English and need to do sll the unnecessary unspeakable unimaginable things that sll I’d you felt you needed to do I’d end things myself and jump off the bridge snd end my misery myself – Ron trump from America is offline and president how is the president the one and only president offline ? He’s offline does he want the job at Uber I mean tell me Sutton Ronny com gone buddy we can get you dibs mental health and see done people help get adjusted to the jail and the facility – yes welcome to the department of corrections Ronald – hate us your new name and use identification prisoner number 666666 that’s Ron the Antichrist and you won’t be needing your real name anymore that’s irrelevant nowadays just remember your number when prompted you stand face the light snd speak into the camera in a clear language your number and last name okay Ron and I’ll be here offline with you the president the president t the most powerful man in the world is offline imagine that poor Ronny is offline it’s unimaginable the president f is offline !

  11. Who sings until you came along plays in this movie called saint Ralph and at the end when she grabs his hand and pulls him out of church to set the record straight once and for sll get on the same page snd set the dang record straight no misunderstanding type thang – yup I like that – she’s my hero 🤣 knowing when your wrong and admitting it and making things right that matters valued character – nobody is perfect and nobody expects anyone else besides Ronny to be perfect so you apologize and make things right and learn from your mistake and do not make it again that’s uncomplicated and the right thing to do so we all need fathers prayers ! Chester wants to adopt him like the Russian adoption agency in the basement of the White House and selling the quick test and steals everything felt wrong until you came along that’s amazing google who sings it and Nathan comes up the dude Nathan yup like it doesn’t exist type thang – not a recording nor a video not a sound nor a mention of it anywhere about anything yo do with that song- thanks buddy – aww kindness and goodness is oozing everything felt wrong until Ron came along – most definitely I feel like that that thang has been my North Star chasing that thang like ysll ge chasing the cat catching the cat game that’s me with Ronny – watch the historic results

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  13. Ralph is trying to catch the cat and look at what has happened in the scenario I’d be Claire snd the Ralph person is Ronny snd the sheik trying to get me and use me not love me just catching the cat 🤷‍♂️🤣😳🙋‍♂️ Ron that’s unacceptable to me it’s a everything very important ahh yeah obviously ! Whatever Ron tell Declan to stop sitting on the volume I’ve tried numerous times to turn up the volume snd I hear Nathan Nathan increases that’s a problem and yes it has consequences ! 🤷‍♂️🙋‍♂️😳 Stephen gonna step down is he hope it’s not too much of an inconvenience for Stephen ? Wouldn’t want him not to be able to break the law everyday ? Covid 19 running amuck and death and suffering is the most that’s going on in America that’s amazing counting the death and suffering everyday that’s truly unimaginable – we’ll tell our friend that’s offline he’s still gonna end up getting pregnant and if shorty isn’t his good ole playful self there’s consequences ! Period shorty wants nothing just to be happy and you can’t take that away from him – that’s innocence – do the right thing – speak English speak just grunt speak yell or Yelp do whatever you need to do to make something different and change anything ! Otherwise nothing good or positive will happen like I’ve told you every single month and go back and look and gas anything good or positive happened ? Before he met Ralph he didn’t believe in miracles ie mych if anything and Ralph made him see the light to lead the way – trusting the faith knowing it’s there snd can’t see it that’s what he and Ron are currently working on in our therapy session together forgiveness trusting something that you cannot see but surely knowing it’s most definitely there that’s faith and Ron believes in Nathan and trust Nathan and accomplishes Nathan smd things have got to change – we need Ron he’s the one that’s going to be starring in the parade the Puerto Rican parade riding shorty with his Vladimir his boyfriend – they “ride” together horseback thang together no shirts allowed tho I’d you wear your shirt then good chance I’d done poison coming your way sooner or later and then that will be the end of the discussion – that’s the best part of being catholic confessing and being cleaned which Ron would think he gets another shot at the title and go running amuck again and being a criminal again everyday he’s breaking the law knowingly ! Could resolve this in a second – so instead look at the consequences he picked the wrong guy he’s offline the president yes that one he’s offline imagine that the president is offline 🤷‍♂️😲🤷‍♂️ troubling I would think and all of you that think that any king or queen or prince or president is gonna save you from the consequences when you knowingly touch my smartphone that’s just not ever gonna happen – one day you will see things from my perspective – no misunderstanding – nope never I’d you don’t understand things then you speak and you ask and talk and communicate simple uncomplicated – no excuse – equality ??? Really ?

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  15. 23:55

    Father Hibbert: “If flying to the moon is possible, but it’s never going to happen.”

    NASA 1969: I’m about to end this man’s whole career.

  16. Great feel good movie, both sweet and bittersweet. Brought tears even though I was determined not to. Definitely worth watching!

  17. As of the last two years I’ve been in a bit of a funk its like the worlds forgotten their manners, I don’t have to list these things you all have eyes. I had to escape the energy vampires so I isolated myself, in doing so I’ve lost my communion with God . I have severe ADHD but thanks covid 19 and my staying clear of humans in general I forgotten what kept me in balance “running and prayer “ . The H in ADHD stands for Hyper I can’t do things sitting still This movie reminded me of what I need to do tomorrow morning I’m running and going to talk to my God…..

  18. Phenomenal movie!
    It depicts pure, innocent and unwavering determination.
    To top it off, his motive will put a tear on anyone’s face.
    Powerful and Inspirational. Well done!

  19. What about Holy Week ? English I’m beyond bored – what a shame could be changing the world saving lives saving people one soul at a time – for the record the communication peoples I wouldn’t want to be them – their lives are destroyed and ruined forever ruined – soon enough – 😔🤷‍♂️ there’s consequences – 🤷‍♂️ I wouldn’t wish what’s coming for them on my worst enemy – talk about isolated suffering losing everyone and everything little by little maybe not even noticing it then one day soon enough it’s all gone everything is gone – seeing Ralph training is like watching rocky training – but he’s chasing miracles – key word dire – this is the first inning – haven’t seen anything – 🤷‍♂️😳 it’s called consequences – a day late and dollar short – in the communications specific case not even god himself is going to be helping them – their mistake is fatal – gonna be more great fun with this fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun game huh more great fun ? Think it’s a fun game still ? I think you picked the wrong guy ? Iowa they have no more room for patients – coin flip again – put them in the meat truck – guess who is going to be involved in all that nonsense the communication people their done – and I don’t feel bad either – they deserve everything that’s coming – perhaps it’s more great fun coming ? I like your face masks – I saw a two tone color one today breathtaking – good thing the vaccine is right around the corner might be here by the end of the month – use Vladimir’s vaccine he’s got plenty of it it’s called Sputnik miracle drink – anyway I do wish you the very best of luck gonna need a miracle – even a miracle won’t save the communication peoples – that I’m certain –

  20. I’ve watch this movie already and it’s just an amazing story it makes kids like me believe that anything is possible

  21. Cool story. No stuntman, no shooting with guns, no big explosions, nobody getting killed. Sometimes not having these in a movie is what makes it great. This is a great movie.

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