Just another day of being a mom.

Just another day of being a mom.
Screenshot: @Padres

Is there anything a mom can’t do? It’s an overused phrase, I know. But it’s pretty true. I’d like to imagine that someone, somewhere, actually has a list of all things the super-moms can do out there. Now, it’s time to add, “mom bare hands foul ball with baby in hand” to the file.

In the sixth inning of yesterday’s Chicago Cubs — San Diego Padres game, Cubs pinch-hitter Jake Marisnick fouled a Yu Darvish pitch off into the seats behind first base.

The ball hit the upper deck, took a big bounce at field level, and went towards a woman in a Manny Machado jersey. She only had one hand free, though.

In any other situation, I’d expect a parent to shield their child from a foul ball — especially if said child is a baby. But that’s not what happened here.

The mom bent over backwards to snag the ball in her right hand while keeping the baby clutched in her left.

I mean, this is probably the catch of the year in or out of the diamond.

You can watch the entire clip below.

“That’s a nice grab,” one announcer said, “be careful of the little one, though.”

This year, we’ve already seen guys try to catch foul balls or home runs with a plate of nachos and a full (plastic) glass of beer. That didn’t go very well, did it, fellas.

A few years ago, though, we did see a dad casually snag a foul ball barehanded while his daughter took a nap on his lap.

So is there anything a mom can’t do? After watching this video the answer, again, should be “no.”