The Donfather Reacts These HUGE Ice Hockey Hits

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  1. 80% of these hits are not 2 guys going head to head like you described after the video was over. Most times it is a guy with the puck making a play and not seeing his impending doom coming.
    Hockey is such a team sport that if you get taken out by a big hit, that means the other team is up a player and because of this has a higher chance to score. As a result hockey players as long as they are not knocked unconscious always struggle to get back on their feet and continue on or at the bare minimum try to make there way to the bench so another player can take their place on ice. So when we see football (soccer) players doing all this rolling around on the pitch, or diving we laugh at how bad they are making a sport they are supposed to love look.

  2. I love hockey and I enjoy big hits, it’s part of the game. But a lot of the hits in this video were illegal and some resulted in concussions and other injuries. Some players were never the same after these hits, their careers and health suffered from that. The point is that these hits are not accurate representation of the sport and should not be celebrated.

  3. Isn’t in funny how these hockey players make soccer players look like little girls. Actually I would rather watch the women play soccer cause they don’t dive and fake injuries.

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