Starting in 2003, New Jersey BMX prodigy Scotty Cranmer started competing in X Games BMX Park competitions. And through the years, he amassed 14 X Games competition appearances, including three bronze medals, three silver medals and three gold medals.

Scotty’s riding signaled a sea change in BMX Park riding at X Games. Before he took gold in 2006, only three other riders had ever won gold in BMX Park. Then came Scotty leading a new wave of riders that did serious battle for over a decade. It was always edge-of-your-seat competition when Scotty took to the course. From turndown frontflips to ninja walk drops over unique taco configurations on the course, Scotty did it all, with a smile on his face (after he was done competing of course…)

Here, we assembled all of Scotty’s gold medal runs from his competition years at X. Enjoy!

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