Scrum in 3rd, Crawford sticks up for Toews June 2 2013 LA Kings vs Chicago Blackhawks NHL Hockey. NBC Sports feed. Announcers PBP Dave Strader, Darren Panger, inside the glass Brian Engblom. West Conference finals, game 2.


  1. Clifford should have gotten suspended for that stick chop on the back of Roszivals neck. He hid it pretty well but clearly he came down with his stick on the back of his neck on purpose

  2. The LA-Chicago bad blood was a fun rivalry to watch grow but the Kings couldn’t keep up and the rivalry has died down a little.

  3. the hell did toews do to get a penalty? it was kyle bitch ass clifford and frickin fraser who did everything. bs

  4. one time when i played roller hockey this kid demolished one of our best players, so i dropped my stick, skated behind him, pulled him down are started to bash his face

  5. Crawford should have gotten third man in penalty but I guess that one doesn’t apply to the Blackhawks…

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