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In today’s video, I break down the secret keys to Stephen Curry’s INSANE handle! Stephen Curry has proven to be an elite ball handler making him one of the toughest point guards to play defense on in the entire NBA, and a huge reason why he’s lead the golden state warriors to so many NBA Finals! His insane handle has propelled him into one of the all-time great point guards because of his ability to shoot and handle the ball. Pay close attention throughout the video and implement these basketball dribbling tips into your game today!
The first tip we look at when it comes to improving your ball handling ability is, “tempo” this is something that all of the top guards do, and it truly gives them the ability to make the correct read on pretty much every play. Having tempo when you are handling the ball is insanely important because moving at different speeds is something that will certainly help you create more space and break defenders ankles in the process. Playing with tempo is super important because as a guard you know where you want to get on the court so playing with tempo is a great way to force the defense to react by changing your speed.
The second tip that we look at is something that all the top NBA guards do and that is manipulating the defense with your “eyes” This tip alone can help you to limit turnovers and break ankles way more often than you ever have in the past. If you slow down a lot of Stephen Curry highlights he does an absolutely amazing job of moving the defense with his eyes. This is a great thing for guards to do to move the defender out of position just slightly so you can blow by or create enough space to get a shot off.
Our last basketball dribbling secret is “Joystick control”! Joystick control is a great tip for a player simply because its a great way to read the defense and make the proper play while keeping your dribble alive at all three levels of your body. You see this done a ton in pick and roll situations guys like Stephen Curry have made a living by having the ball on a string and making the proper read based on what the defense gives them! This is a super simple tip but if you can implement it into your game you’ll surely be able to skyrocket your ball handling capabilities.
These are my top Secret Keys to Stephen Curry’s insane handle! The thing I love most about these moves is simplicity, so players of all levels can start to master these dribble moves for big-time results. Make sure to get your reps in on these basketball dribbling tips and practice the moves as much as you can. That way the next time you play you’ll be breaking ankles like Stephen Curry!

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