Live & Off the Record includes 90 minutes of electric performances from Shakiras sold out Tour of The Mongoose in 2003, plus an uncensored look behind the curtain of the tour capturing Shakiras life, loves and family


  1. El amor de mi vida desde que yo tenía 12 años , hoy tengo 31 y la sigo amando incluso más que ayer.

  2. Even though I’ve heard these songs on YouTube, buying the video was worth it. The concert was absolutely amazing! The interview at the end was fantastic and made me appreciate you, Shakira, even more. It broke my heart and made me cry when I saw all the pain you were in. I never realized how hard it was and how much work it took. I felt selfish that i wanted you to dance like you do. From now on if you just stand there I will be happy just to hear your beautiful voice. I also cried when you performed in Barranquilla bc I could feel all the love that they have for you and it made me happy. Your pictures remind me of your children, so adorable. You’ve always been beautiful, inside and out. Love you so much 👑 Shaki, you’re the BEST! 😘😘😘❤❤❤
    Much love, your forever fan, Terri

  3. This has nothing that my old dvd had…no backstage costume changes, her having to use oxygen , etc. I rented this for the “backstage pass” as all of these songs are on YouTube already.

  4. Hola Shakira you are the most beautiful woman who has been the greatest sexy most beautiful woman who I’ve ever seen…Eric Christopher Gonzales FB.

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