The first of a new series, Des Shipp reveals his tips for fishing with a method feeder at Packington Somers fishery, nr Meriden. Des uses the Method feeder with groundbait, pellets and wafters to catch loads of carp and F1’s.


  1. Incredible fishery, this place seems here in *Brazil* where I do my Fishery.

  2. Again! Another one putting carp in a keepnet! This really winds me up, your not match fishing ! Good vid, but sorry Des, i totally disagree with this !

  3. My fishing role model the legend Des love your teaching and just like to say Thank you and Sonubaits

  4. Don’t u have other carp species there like Catla, labeo rohita, very fighting fish, try it,

  5. Another belter of a session from the one and only Des, this guy has taught me alot about method feeder fishing, I’ve never used a match station in my life, as I’ve always been a big carp angler but I switched ways to start enjoying other ways of fishing for these carp, what a session.

    Question, can I ask what rod was used here I dont think I caught it in the video.

  6. As someone who has not used a feeder before, I only took up fishing a year ago, and I’ve only done float and pole fishing so far, it would be good if someone would show a video on how to set up feeders, especially those feeders with swivels already attached

  7. Like that…like that, lol. Mix your groundbait like that, cast out your method, like that haha. I can imagine a conversation between Jamie Hughes and Des Shipp…Jamie: “Aaaalite mate, gona get me pole mate”….Des: “I got me methorrrd, chuck it out, like that, mix me groundbait like that, pellets…like that, and catch fish…like that” lol

  8. My Dad told me to watch this and I’m looking to start fishing and so far it’s really good and helpful video

  9. Can some one explain, using a floating bait but you make sure the hook is heavy enough to stop it floating?

  10. Just getting back into my fishing again after a 15 year break. Great to see des still doing the business 👍

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