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– T-Turn 3-way swivel here:

This video is loaded with catfishing tips and tricks, and some great channel catfish catching action!

Ivo takes you on the shoreline of a small creek and explains many secrets to help you land those catfish, such as warm water discharge hot-spots, and more.

As always, good fishin’!


  1. hey can u help me out idk what bait to use im planing to use cut bait cause im going fishing this weekend im go to falcon dam what bait do u recomend for catfish in a lake ?

  2. Thnxs I like u videos and I’m a big fan this is the only video that had just to much talking not trying to be rude

  3. You guys made a great point I hadn’t even thought about and it really stuck out at me, that if you use worms/nightcrawlers this time of year that other fish like Bullheads, Bluegills, etc.. will jump on the worms too, so by using Cutbait other fish will stay away from it, my problem is that the Catfish love Night Crawlers and I want to use them; great point guys and thanks for sharing. Just found your link for the 3-way swivels, will get them shortly.

  4. Hi Ivo love your videos, you mention feeder creek…. is the one you fish at in Welland on private land, if not can you show me where.Would love to go can catch some spring channel cat. thanks 🙂

  5. I fish every year starting in march. first weekend of march I start at it. always do good with channel cats people don’t realize the fish out there all year long waiting to be had

  6. bern fantastic summer. been tearin nice cats up all year long. had black lip channels very big flathead but nothing bigger then 16 for a blue.

  7. Hey, new to fishing for the most part and was hoping someone could help me out on a few questions? What’s up with the (pale) bucket? What purpose does is serve? Also, what is cut bait vs live? I’ve been fishin with live and can’t catch Cats to save my life?

  8. Dear thunder mist, caught my first catfish ever at sparrow lake on Monday. 3 pounds. Really enjoyed catching that fish and I caught him on a live minnow with a sinker. Have you ever fished in Peterborough and or found any catfish here? It’s where I’m from and I’d really like it if I could find some cats here. Thanks in advance.

  9. Hello there

    I like your videos, I’m a new fan.

    As you said we can not use sunfish for live or cut bait BUT I have personally contacted Conservation and spoke to a few Officers as well and have been assured there is a legal loophole… 🙂

    We can legally use any part of a (in season legally caught) fish as bait IF we keep the edible flesh for human consumption!

    I use the head with all “guts” still attached if I’m float fishing or I use the head & tail if I’m bottom fishing.

    For the float i wrap & hook the guts before I pass the hook in upper lip.

    Works well here in Ottawa.

    Keep up the good work!

  10. Love the videos Ivo. You and Antonio are super informed. I love catching channel cats. Hopefully I can post a video soon with my catches! God bless my good sir!

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