In this “Kata Class”, you will practice Taikyoku Shodan and Heian Shodan.

Follow along with Sensei Jon in the entire kata class. If he changes directions, just make sure and face a new direction, whichever it may be. Make sure and stay with him the entire class, you can do it!

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  1. Sensei, Oss! I request that you do Heian Nidan Kata as you did the Heian Shodan in this video! If possible, that would be great, Nidan, Shandan, etc. Your tutorials are great to follow for learning Kata. Thank you! Salaam.

  2. Who’s here because of Cobra Kai? Haha I love your classes. But I wish you had started this video with an explanation of what a Kata is and show us the final form at full speed so we know what we’re working towards. I followed along and totally had it by the end but didn’t know what I was doing at all at first haha great stuff!

  3. You started on the square and end up on the square, I started in the center of my room and ended up on my bathroom

  4. the level of this sensei leaves much to be desired. I have been practicing karate for more than 35 years and hundreds of black belts have been trained in my gym. I appreciate your goodwill, but whoever wants to see good shotokan karate on youtube should look for JKA and preferably from the 80s.

  5. Your classes are very helpful to us ….We are learning with you….Please upload 6th class “GREEN BELT” …. We are waiting for it…

  6. Sir since your classes have been watched by many ,can you please upload class 6 and other classes on youtube itself please reply

  7. Great, now I got to do white belt classes, do you know when you will be posting the yellow belt classes?

  8. Thank you Sensei Jon and the rest of the Global Martial Arts Team for making these videos, they have really kept me motivated, active, positive and calm during lockdown. When i was young, probably aged between 11-13, i reached brown belt here in the UK, i am now 26 and i feel there is unfinished business. You have inspired me to get back into it. Once this craziness is all over i am going to sign up at my local club. Thank you again

  9. Hello sensei John! I just want to thank you for these amazing videos to begin learning the ancient Karate art. I have a question: I have been following the first 5 vids, (I’m now for the third week going vid3, vid4 & vid5 to conclude, and I’m wondering what can I do next to keep sequentially learning as I have so far? It seems that it jumps to 2 10min vids, and then one per belt color. Am I ok to continue with the vid after the 2 10min workouts? I’m really progressing and would love to keep it going! Please let me know! Thanks again! Awesome videos, easy to follow and you put the effort! Learn Karate here! Greetings from Portugal!

  10. Sir only 5 classes only aa sir..6 day 7 days or…I will Tring this sir I like karate but fees are very hight monthly 12 days 1000 rs..but I will Tring in u r Chanel sir plzz help’s not only I liked this is my life chalage sir plzzz help me.. thank you sir

  11. Great to practice because some dojos are packed and thefts in locker rooms GUMA is awsome

  12. Please teach this more thoroughly and in more slow pace. Break into more steps please. Please guide me for the diet plan with this exercise.

  13. I have a question , how long does it takes for a video to come out? I do a lesson for about a month or two, so I do everything right , but I want to plan my time , you have all my support for this great classes

  14. I practise Shotokan Karate regularly at a dojo (1st Dan Black Belt) and came across your channel. I would just like to say how great this is for people who either do not have a club nearby or cannot simply afford karate sessions, as a way to learn it online with a great sensei. Very well broken down and easy to follow along. Brilliant, well done Sensei Jon. Oss!

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