Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman discuss how the NFLPA has no reports of a New England Patriots’ Tom Brady concussion and whether NFL athletes should be allowed to self-report injuries.

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  1. Why does max act like if you don’t agree with him you are not rational, or not inline with the “majority “. Who’s majority is he speaking of? Not white Americans or African Americans or Mexican Americans, it’s his view not what people think it’s what he thinks

  2. I sleep about 3-4 hours a night trying to balance college and a job, that’s unhealthy for me. Is anyone one protecting me from myself? No. Player know the effect of concussions and if they choose to play football while concussed why should the league protect them from themselves if they choose to go back on the field while concussed?

  3. Thinking all concussions are exactly the same displays the raw ignorance of some commentators.

  4. Fuck the media will run with literally anything they can get their hands on. Fuck off with the concussion talk, like all you clown in the media haven’t set Brady back enough already.

  5. Deflate gate, taping hand signals, playing with a concussion which you 100% CAN’T do. I wouldn’t be surprised if the super bowl was fixed in a way. Fuck, I hate Tom Brady

  6. Can we stop talking about this concussion thing. Yes it’s a danger but I mean if tom Brady wife had said nothing this would never have been brought up.

  7. Most guys on the field are not making big money, but are still open to getting their clocks cleaned…

  8. Pretty soon the league needs to enforce a policy that genuinely cares about the players. If if means that players need to pass concussion protocol (with NON-NFL doctors) within 12-24 hours of the game and also limit player snap counts, I’m all for it. After seeing Kuechly go down last year, no player needs to play through injury let alone head trauma.

  9. Honeslty espn keeps bringing up this tom brady concussion topic, like they want it to gain traction but no one is taking the bait.

  10. You can sue the NFL because the NFL hid the link between concussions and CTE. That was then. Also, you can sue because in all the other major leagues an injury doesn’t cost your pockets immediately, in the NFL it does because all your money ain’t guaranteed.

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