Steve, Jesse and Adam discuss the possibility of the Toronto Maple Leafs acquiring Sam Bennett from the Calgary Flames via trade and the pros and cons of doing so.

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  1. Really don't get whats so difficult for Adam to comprehend….the maple leafs are atrocious in the playoffs, benett has solid playoff stats …fuk u care what he does in regular season u want the cup..horry in the nba was a trash regular season player and no 8th seed would want him however any tesm going for a ring would.

  2. He steps up in the playoffs when the stars on his team don’t. Simple. That’s a will to win. Awful reasoning By Adam. And the “someone’s gotta score argument” holds no water, at all.

  3. I don't usually agree with Adam but there's no denying Sam Bennett should never become a Leaf… You can't afford to spend 2.5M on a position you can fill with 700k. The 700k player will probably even outplay Bennett. If your post season success depends on Sam Bennett you don't deserve to be in the playoffs to begin with.

  4. Bennett would be a good add just before the trade deadline.
    1 mill less than Kerfoot… and in Canada without quarantine restrictions.
    If it makes the Maple Leafs a Stanley Cup Champion this year… why not?
    This year is full on all in by the Leafs.
    Joe Thornton and Spezza came here to win. The time has come.
    Trade for Bennett.

  5. Adam is so far out to lunch here. It’s an extreme minority saying Bennett for anything meaningful….

    Everything I’ve heard is Bennett for Engvall, Bennett for Dermott, etc all with Calgary retaining $. And that would emphatically make us better in the playoffs.

    All the evidence is stacked against Adam. Who gives an “F” what a guy does in the regular season. The Leafs don’t need more regular season success. They need playoff performers(there are lots of players on the team in the past who scored in the regular season and couldn’t play in the playoffs) and Bennett is emphatically that and for the right price makes the team better…at any price – of course not… but he’s better than Vesey, Boyd, Engvall, Spezza, Petan, etc. So yes he does make us better for the right price.

  6. Keep chirping the flames playoff production, cause last time I checked u guys didn’t even make the playoffs last year or get past the second round in the past 10 years

  7. Check bennett's hockeyviz for last year and you'll notice that the team possession improves when he's on the ice. Save the Leafs from the Kerfoot contract and add a different dimension to the team.

  8. I hope Calgary doesn’t do something stupid & give up on Sam bennett .. he is the most exciting player in playoffs.. leafs don’t have anyone who steps up during playoffs.. apart from Hyman leafs don’t have a heart & soul playoff player..

  9. He has something to prove… worth a shot if the price is low. No if its kerfoot, yes if its engval or one of those type of guys

  10. I'd rather see Bennett with Taveras and Nylander than the soup man.. sorta like a poor man's Simmons

  11. Adam constantly criticizes the leafs because their stars can’t perform in the playoffs, but then he says someone who can help out in the playoffs is unless🤦‍♂️ just shut up man, your “hot takes” are just garbage

  12. Someone tweeted trade Nylander for Bennett baaaahahaha what is wrong with some leafs fans. My God

  13. I actually think they should put Petan in more often. He doesn't play often yet almost every time I've seen him play he works, makes things happen and either scores or gets an assist. The guy works his ass off every chance he gets to play. I'd honestly like to see him a little more often. Not saying full-time by any means but a little more often. Yeah.

  14. This might be the worst take I've ever seen Adam have. His logic of "Bennett only performs in the playoffs because everyone else doesn't" is such flawed logic and I can't believe he can't understand why.

    Just watch if the Leafs acquire him for Adam to then be super stoked about how they got him and how good he is in the playoffs.

  15. lol what? so trade for Bennett at 2.5m so he can die on the 3rd line and get maybe 20 pts a season

  16. I disagree with Adam's take on Sam's playoff performance. He didn't just score cause their stars didn't…it's hard to score in the NHL…HARD! It's even harder in the playoffs. If you're able to put up points in the playoffs, you're playing well. It doesn't happen by accident.

  17. points, points, points….how long are we gonna think that points is where someones value is? sam bennett would be an upgrade for the leaf team and it has nothing to do with points. both teams that knocked the leafs OUT of the playoffs the past 2 years were full of players that didnt have a lot or POINTS.

  18. Hey guys let's not hate on petan. He's not THAT bad right now….clearly has chemistry with Spezza no?

  19. You been watching Kerfoot? Bring me Bennett anyway over Kerfoot. Nylander a bit much but Bennett still fits in

  20. A deal that I think would work is bennet kyilngton flames extra 3rd pick to leafs for hyman Dermott the money is same for all players.

  21. Ok it's a given that Sam Bennett is NOT as good as Kerfoot (and yes, I know Kerfoot isn't having a great year, but at his ''norm'' he's definitely a better player than Sam Bennett at his ''norm'')… BUT… why not complete this trade, to save the DESPERATELY NEEDED CAP SPACE?!! Has everyone forgot that we're about to lose one of Toronto's BEST players (Hyman) because we can't afford his upcoming contract?

  22. We could really use Bennett as 3rd line centre. Grit. Kerfoot can take some punishment, but i'd rather administer it… straight up.

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